It simply wouldn’t be Fall without the number one event of the season. No, we’re not talking about the reintroduction of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. And we’re not talking about Halloween (or Thanksgiving, either). We’re talking, of course, about New York Fall Fashion Week! This year the top designers from around the world introduced their clothes, colors, and trends for the season. But one of the biggest trends isn’t the clothing itself – it’s the fact that the world of high fashion is stepping off the runway and working its way into your home. That’s because fashion and furniture are finally coming together in a whole new way. And we’re absolutely ready.

Fall Color Trends

The most important part of New York Fall Fashion Week is that it establishes the colors that are on trend this season. These colors are not limited to clothing. They should also be featured generously throughout your home this season on everything from your wall art to your sofa’s fabric. Pantone has compiled a helpful list of all the colors that are trending from New York and London’s Fall Fashion Weeks. Colors like Grenadine Red, Autumn Maple, Navy Peony, Shaded Spruce, and Ballet Slipper Pink are all among the top colors for the season. All of these colors will look as gorgeous in your home as they do in your wardrobe.

Ten different paint sample colors in two rows

Grenadine Red

The bright red Maple leaf is by far the most breathtaking color found in Autumnal foliage. This year that vibrant, awe-inspiring color was on full display at the New York Fall Fashion Week. Most people consider earth tones and other muted hues to be the most prominent Fall colors. Not this year. Grenadine Red took the show by storm and showed just how powerful and fashion-forward this color can be. Bring this exciting color into your home with an Apt2B sofa in our Maraschino fabric or the chic Murphy Accent Chair!

Saturn Sofa in MARASCHINO | Grand Metal Counter Chair | Tuttle Balance Stool RED

Ballet Slipper Pink

Softening up a bit from Grenadine Red is the effortlessly beautiful, airy, light hue of Ballet Slipper Pink. It’s an absolutely timeless shade that has become one of the most versatile colors in the contemporary home. Ballet Slipper Pink is not necessarily a color that is found in nature during the Fall. However, it is a color that provides an elegant contrast to the other colors featured at the New York Fall Fashion Show. It rounds out the palette and becomes an integral part of the trend – for both your clothing and your home.

Credenza by Craftbelly SPRING KILIM (yes, we see the irony) | Ophelia Shag Pillow BLUSH | Guilio Rossi FLY AWAY

All of these colors will look as gorgeous in your home as they do in your wardrobe.

Navy Peony

A surprising favorite at this year’s New York Fall Fashion Week was Navy Peony. This bold blue is a darker shade than you might expect for the Fall season. The Autumn sky is usually a crisp blue as opposed to having the darker qualities of Navy Peony. However, this color perfectly balances the softness of Ballet Slipper Pink and helps to anchor the brighter colors in the palette. Navy Peony is also a reminder that the Fall will soon transition to winter – a time when blues are king. This is also a wonderful color to feature for your home furnishings no matter the time of year.

Santee Bonded Leather Round Tufted Ottoman NAVYAcco Area Rug COBALT | Brentwood Sofa in BLUE JEAN

Shaded Spruce

Shaded Spruce is a gorgeous hue that has a transportive, magical quality to it. It’s reminiscent of those special moments when you’re hiking through the forest and the setting sun strikes the treetops just right. It also brings to mind the wreaths, Christmas trees, and other festive foliage that will begin to sprout up around your neighborhood at the end of Autumn. This color made major waves at the New York Fall Fashion Week events and it will do wonders to bring a sense of calm and contemplative contrast to your home’s decor.

Carson Sofa in CHICAGO BLUE | Myra 3pc Storage Ottoman Set TEAL| Maxwell Dickson WATERFALL

What are you waiting for? Fall into these fun fashion trends with your own home furnishings! Find the entire Fall Color Trends Collection right here at Apt2B!

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