Our brand new Pasadena Collection is a stunning marriage of Mid-Century Modern design and modernist sensibility. It’s an undeniably beautiful collection thanks to its elegant lines and clever patterns. But the real star of the show is the solid Sheesham wood construction. Without the Sheesham wood there could be no Pasadena Collection. And if there were no Pasadena Collection then… on second thought, we don’t even want to imagine a world without it.

Sheesham Wood

Haven’t heard of Sheesham wood before? You might actually know it by a different name – Rosewood. Rosewood is native to India and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular woods for a variety of applications. The musical instrument world has used Rosewood for centuries thanks to its tonal resonance and visual beauty. The world famous Martin Guitar company uses Rosewood as a key component in its top-of-the-line acoustic guitars. Many parts of the world actually use it as a teeth cleaning twig! But most importantly it is a straight grain wood that has a unique, multi-tonal pattern. As a result, you don’t need a heavy finish to make Sheesham look absolutely stunning. These qualities make it ideal for home furniture.

The Pasadena Collection

Sheesham Wood is definitely an important aspect of the Pasadena Collection’s design. But the collection really stands out from the pack thanks to its clever use of Sheesham wood’s natural beauty. The angled, hairpin style legs are the perfect foundation for the collection. For instance, pieces like the Pasadena Platform Bed and the Pasadena Desk take this Mid-Century Modern staple to its extreme – and the result is extremely beautiful. The next standout feature is the fish scale pattern because it is used in many different ways throughout the collection. This three-dimensional, tone-shifting scale pattern creates a mesmerizing visual appeal that’s utterly unique. By cutting smaller Sheesham wood tiles and alternating the grain pattern, the Pasadena Collection achieves this gorgeous effect.

Shop the Pasadena Collection

We are absolutely thrilled to offer the Pasadena Collection to our customers. Thanks to the solid Sheesham wood construction, elegant details, and dreamy design, the Pasadena is one of the finest collections we’ve ever featured on our site.

See for yourself and shop the Pasadena Collection now!

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