Watch Kyle Schuneman’s insider design tips and tricks below on how to maximize the look and functionality of your furniture and decor!

Have you ever wanted to update your living space, but you just weren’t sure where to start? Apt2B’s resident designer Kyle Schuneman can help with that! Here are his three simple steps to update your bookcase with items you already own!

Tip 1: Vary your stacks.

You don’t ever want all your books going the same direction or it will look like an elementary school library. Make sure you have some going horizontally but also have some stacks going vertically to help make it visually interesting.

Tip 2: Make sure each of your shelves has its own flavor.

If you have two horizontal stacks on the first shelf don’t repeat the pattern on the second one – do a vertical stack on the left on the next one and then on the next a horizontal stack of your big coffee table books right in the center – think of each shelf as its own vignette.

Tip 3: Add objects to your bookcase.

While it might just be called a bookcase to really bring interest to it you need to add vases, accessories and picture frames to make it warm and collected. Also, make sure to add them to the tops of some of the stacks too and not just on the shelf themselves.

Extra Tip: Make sure to add life as your last element.
That means add a couple of succulents, fresh flowers or air plants to a couple of key places to really make the vignettes feel finished and alive.

And there you have it! Four simple steps to help brighten up your living space!

Be sure to take pictures of your finished bookcases and send it to us using the #myApt2B! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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