Written by resident Apt2B designer, Kyle Schuneman

As a designer, it’s hard not to consider how a room is going to photograph when it’s finished. Making a perfectly livable room that also grabs you lots of likes on Instagram? Now that’s an art form. But don’t worry – I’m going to show you how to design your own Instagram-worthy room from the floor up!
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Anchor Your Space

First, choose an anchor wall. Ideally your anchor wall will have some cool architectural details or another type of unique feature. Use this visually-interesting wall as the background for your space! After all, every good photo needs a good backdrop.

empty white room with a staircase

These stairs are the perfect backdrop. We aren’t all lucky enough to have a gorgeous space to work with, but use any features that might add some character to your backdrop!

The Fifth Wall

I like to think of the floor as the “fifth wall”. In other words, treat your floor like it needs its own artwork and design. You wouldn’t leave your walls blank, would you? Texture is key here. Choose a nice chunky rug for a grounding texture!

empty white room with a staircase

Mines Area Rug IVORY 8×10

Spotlight Your Star

Next, it’s time for the star of your room: the sofa! I love to pop a bold color here and leave the walls white for a fresh approach. If a bold sofa color scares you then you can always find other ways to make your sofa pop. Use toss pillows or throw blankets to add a big splash of color! 

empty white room with a staircase, blue sofa and beige rug

Saxon Sofa in Biloxi Blue with Pecan Legs

Collected Yet Eclectic

Now is when you bring in the other big furniture pieces. Make sure to mix up the surfaces so the room feels collected. A beautiful wood and steel coffee table, white fur accent chairs, and a low console that fits just right under the windows.

empty white room with a staircase, blue sofa, wooden coffee table and beige rug

Bannack Coffee Table | Fredrik Fur Lounge Chairs | Midtown High Media Stand

Finishing Touches

Once the space is furnished, it’s time for the finishing touches. I like to start with the artwork and then pull my accessories off of that. This print has a beautiful color palette that gives lots of options and also ties in the sofa color.

A sculptural side table, a modern clock, coffee table books, and a few personal rad accessories will give your room personality.

Finish it off with a succulent and some fresh flowers for a punch of life and your room is ready for her closeup!  Get ready for the likes and comments to start rolling in while you’re enjoying Netflix in your beautiful new space.

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