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Mat Herman, co-founder of Apt2B, is not only a furniture whiz but also a sports fanatic. He started cheering for the Cleveland Cavaliers as a little boy and still continues to do so to this day – only with a deeper voice.

That being said, you can imagine the excitement at Apt2B when Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers’ basketball star, remodeled his father’s house with Houzz and a beautiful Apt2B sofa. You can also imagine the shocked: “What?” half the team let out when our European Marketing girl said: “Who’s Kyrie Irving?”.

Watch the home makeover video below and see Apt2B’s Cloverdale Sofa take the trophy for ‘best sofa a basketball player’s dad could ever sit on’.

P.S. Hey Kyrie, could you send the sofa back now that you sat on it? We think we’d like to keep that one.

Check out our beautiful Cloverdale Drive sofa at 16.40min.

Read the full story on Houzz here.


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