Isolation has us all thinking back to the things we maybe took for granted. If I had to choose one thing I could get back right now, it would be the gym. The routine, the hour break from reality, and the endorphins are all things that helped me to stay sane on a daily basis. But with this new normal (whatever that is), we’ve all had to get creative with many things. For me, that’s been exercise, and I’ve been able to turn my own furniture into gym equipment. Here’s what I’ve been doing at home to break a sweat.

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Dining Table

I use the dining table to do inverted rows. It mimics the idea of pull-ups since I don’t have a pull-up bar. Lay on the ground and grab the dining table edge and pull yourself up and release down slowly. This is a great workout for your back and biceps so I’ll usually do 4 sets of 10 reps each but try to do a set and see how you do, and then manage accordingly.

Dining Chair

Chairs are actually super reliable for home workouts. My favorite thing to do is use them for tricep dips. Extend your legs so your heels are on the ground and grab the chair edge to do dips. Do as many as you can the first set and then do 4 sets of that. For me, I do 25 but push yourself to see where you can get.


The handiest piece I’ve found so far, I use the bench at the end of my bed to do bench presses, chest flies, and bent over rows with my set of dumbbells. For presses and flies, just lie on your back on the bench with your feet planted on the ground and press up with your dumbbells. For the rows, put one knee on the bench, lean over, and with your opposite arm, pull straight up working your back muscles.


If you have a sofa that has an open base (like our best-selling Delilah Sofa), you can use it to hook your feet under and do both ab work and hamstring work. For abs, lay on your back (you’ll probably have to move your coffee table), hook your feet under the sofa frame and do crunches. When your core starts burning, push through it as that’s the time you’ll get the best results. To work your hamstrings, you can do Nordic curls by hooking your heels under your sofa (again, this only works if you have an open base), and facing away. Starting on your knees, the idea is that you “fall” forward slowly with control until you can no longer hold it, then you carefully collapse on your hands. I started doing these recently and they really work!

Coffee Table

I like to use the coffee table to mix things up with my arm routine. I do inverted push-ups when I’m tired of normal push-ups. Here’s how you do it: Put your knees and feet (no shoes on the furniture, please!) on the coffee table and your arms on the floor (you can also make it more challenging by just putting your feet on the edge of the table and extending out from there). Do a push in that position. Up the ante by putting your hands in a diamond shape to really feel the burn. Like all of my workouts, I like to do 3-4 sets of these.

For home workouts, I’ve learned that you have to push yourself. Set aside some time and really focus on working out. It’s easy to let yourself off the hook even if you’re “working out” so make sure you are really going for it. You’ll feel better after, sleep better, and make your furniture work harder in the process!


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