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Welcome to Home School, our newest series where we’re tapping into the minds of design professionals for the expert knowledge you need to transform your home into the best version of itself.

Up today: Rug rules for the living room, dining room and bedroom. What size do you need for a queen vs. a king? Does your sofa have to sit fully on the rug or are just-legs okay? We combed the mind of designer Kyle Schuneman to set the groundwork for floorcoverings that always get it right.

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The Expert: Kyle Schuneman, Interior Designer & Stylist
Where to Find Him: @kyleschuneman | kyleschuneman.com


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Q: What size rug do I need for my bedroom & where do I put it?

A: I love a rug under a bed. Stepping out onto something cozy is a great way to start the day. When it comes to sizes, it depends on your bed. I like to use an 8×10 for a queen bed and a 9×12 for a king bed. As for placement, my rule is to avoid pulling the rug all the way up to the wall. Instead, it should start a few inches in front of the nightstand (with the nightstand not on the rug). This gives you some room to comfortably put a bench at the end of the bed if you want and enough breathing room visually.


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Q: How do I pick the right size rug for my living room?

A: In a living space, you want the rug to really anchor the conversation pit. I like to have all the large pieces—the sofa or sectional and coffee table—fit on the rug comfortably. I generally like to have the accent chair fit on it, as well, but you can get away with an accent chair that’s a bit more casual having the back legs fall off if it’s on an angle. Err on the side of larger (8×10, 9×12) than smaller so there’s room to walk around the furniture.

Q: What if I can’t fit a really large area rug in my room, what then?

A: At the very least, get your sofa legs (and the legs of any side chairs you have) onto the rug. What you want to avoid is a smaller rug sitting just in the middle of all your furniture under your coffee table. A 5×8 is usually too small for most living room arrangements (unless that’s really all the space you have in a smaller footprint), but you can accomplish a lot with an 8×10 at the very least.


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Q: Are there any rules for how large to make my dining room rug?

A: I think it’s important that the chairs fit on the rug both when they’re tucked in and when they’re pulled out. If your rug is too small, you and your guests will be on wobbly chairs with half of them on and half off so make sure to pull the chairs out when measuring for the rug. A good starting place is 8×10 for a rectangular dining table and 8-feet in diameter for a circular dining table.

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