If you haven’t checked your calendar recently then you might be surprised to learn that it’s already November. Yes, that’s right. November. That means that the holiday season is upon us whether you’re ready or not. And if you’re anything like me then you’re not ready yet. But that’s OK! We at Apt2B have compiled a quick checklist to help you prepare your home for the holidays.

Get Cozy

Let’s be honest – the best part about the holiday season is getting cozy in your own home. We’re talking hot cocoa, slippers, a roaring fire, a snuggly blanket – you get the idea. Make things cozy by adding soft, thick toss pillows to your sofa, draping faux fur throws over chair backs, and even consider investing in a new rug. These details will make your home feel more welcoming and give you that warm cozy feeling in your heart (some call that feeling hygge).

blue tufted sofa with throw pillows and two throws

Chunky knit throws, faux furs, and a crisp, inviting atmosphere make this a hygge heaven (Click to check out our Pacific Sofa)

The holidays don’t need to hold your regular home decor hostage.

Say Goodbye To Your Summer Decor

It’s now the middle of autumn. The time for fresh floral arrangements and pastels has come and gone. Autumn and winter are earthy, somber, and dramatic seasons. Try to reflect these characteristics in your decor and accent pieces. Incorporate natural textures in earthen palettes to achieve this look. Swap out that vase of daisies for a bowl of pine cones. Use birch branches and logs to add character to your dining table, bookshelf, or mantel. These little touches will help frame the rest of your seasonal decor.

White sofa facing away with wood bench against the back

An understated winter foliage arrangement and natural textures give this home the perfect holiday look (Click to see our Angeles Crest bench)

Prepare For Guests

The holidays are a time of year when you’ll be welcoming lots of stress into your home. Sorry, did I say “stress”? I meant “guests”. You’ll be welcoming lots of guests into your home! The thing about guests is that they’re needy. Do your best to get ahead of their needs by preparing for their arrival. Clean up your guest bedroom, change out the linens, and stock your guest bedroom and guest bathroom with amenities. If you provide your guests with everything they need up front then they won’t have to pester you for anything during their stay. If you need more tips for getting your house ready for guests then check out our guide to making your home an AirBnB mecca!

blue tufted bed frame and faux fur throw

Make your guests feel extra cozy with fresh, faux fur blankets and any other amenities they need (Click to see our Palmer Drive Upholstered bed)

Don’t Overdo The Decorations

It’s no secret that Americans love holiday decorations. The problem with holiday decorations is that they can be a tad bit... tacky. But they don’t have to be. Holiday decorations can be very tasteful if done correctly. The key is to balance the ratio of holiday decorations with regular household decor. The holidays don’t need to hold your regular home decor hostage. Start small by adding in a few festive decorations on bookshelves or side tables and then work your way up from there. If children’s stories have taught us anything it’s that the holidays aren’t about how much stuff you have, but about how much holiday spirit you have in your heart. Use that same concept to guide your holiday decor decisions.

White chair with pink throw pillow next to fireplace

Tasteful mantel and bookshelf decor provides the right amount of holiday balance in this home – Photo by Slightly Quirky Ltd

Whip Your Kitchen Into Shape

Your kitchen is about to be as busy as opening night at a five-star restaurant. There are holiday feasts to prepare, holiday guests who will be rummaging through every cupboard, and lots of added kitchen foot traffic. Prepare your kitchen for this influx of activity by cleaning out your cabinets, locating all of your specialty kitchen supplies, and restocking your staples. Now is the perfect time to clear out your refrigerator, clean your oven, and scrub your floor. If your kitchen feels fresh and clean then you’ll feel a whole lot better once the holidays hit.

well organized pantry closet with containers and cook books

This pantry organization is divine. This is definitely a holiday ready kitchen. Photo by Neat Method San Diego

Start Making Scents

Getting your home ready for the holidays isn’t only about the way your home looks. It’s also about creating a holiday environment. Use aroma to your advantage to capture a holistic holiday spirit in your home. Don’t just rely on store-bought candles (you’ll get enough of those from distant relatives and acquaintances). Real scents will have a much more potent effect than over-the-counter candles. This season you should try making a stove top potpourri. Your home will instantly feel ready for the holidays with the help of these fresh ingredients simmering on your stove. You can also go a tastier route by baking cookies as often as possible (just don’t eat all of them, too).

Home still not quite yet feeling holiday ready? Then check out Apt2B’s collection of home decor items that are perfect for the holidays!

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