The mysteries of the jungle have captivated the imaginations of man since the dawn of time. Exotic animals, impossibly tall trees, and the endless potential for discovery have created a primal allure between man and the jungle. It’s a place where magic still exists (and also nightmarish insects. Way too many of those). Here are some of the best ways to capture the magic of the jungle by incorporating it into your home decor!

Texture Is the King of the Jungle

The jungle is full of texture: ropey vines, thick underbrush, and ancient tree trunks covered in rough bark. These textures are the palette in which the landscape of the jungle is painted. An essential component of jungle decor is its textural quality. That’s because jungle decor is more than a style – it’s a construction. The way the raw materials from the jungle are woven, stretched, and bent into their final forms create a look that is as diverse and impressive as the jungle itself. Rattan, cane, wicker, mahogany, liana vines, bamboo. It’s the texture of these materials that makes them so unique. And that’s why they’re an essential element of your home decor. Jungle texture introduces a rich and robust contrast when paired with the rest of your home decor elements.

Textures are the palette in which the landscape of the jungle is painted.

The Jungle Is Full Of Color... But Mostly Brown and Green

Parrots, toucans, tree frogs, and the majestic three-toed sloth add vibrant splashes of color to the rainforest. However, it’s truly the color brown that defines the jungle look, especially when it comes to home decor. That’s because the materials used for jungle decor pieces are comprised of the hardy, sturdy pieces of the rainforest like wood, rattan, and rope. Green is obviously one of the most prevalent colors in the jungle. It’s also key to good jungle decor. Incorporate it through plants, prints, and upholstery. While brown might not be the most exciting color on the wheel, it is one of the most versatile when used in home decor. It’s a neutral color that functions as a wonderful contrast to bright colors like red and green. It even accentuates and bolsters other neutral tones like cream, beige, tan, and sand. Brown also works extremely well on its own when featured in a more contemporary, minimalist space. Brown goes well with everything, which makes it similar to a chameleon. A very neutral chameleon.

The Call of the Wild

The world’s rainforests contain the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. In other words they have animals. Lots and lots of animals. It’s no surprise that animals play an important role in jungle decor. Whether by the vibrant feathers of the scarlet macaw or the stripes of the African tiger, jungle decor is greatly enhanced by animal aesthetics. Bring the animal element into your jungle look through artwork, wallpaper, or shelf tchotchkes. Or go all in and line your walls with the pelts and heads of all the big game you’ve hunted on your African safaris. You have done that, right?

The Jungle Look

It’s easy to dismiss jungle decor as too exotic for your own home. After all, there’s a good chance that your home is a regular house and not a treehouse. But jungle decor is surprisingly versatile. You don’t need to have an Amazon rainforest-themed home, it doesn’t have to be summer, and you don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to pull off the jungle look. Even one or two pieces of jungle-inspired furniture can be enough to create a more laid-back, visually-interesting, and dynamic design in your home. As mentioned, the jungle aesthetic adds a textural dimension that many rooms are lacking. The brown and wood tones also add a necessary element of warmth to your home no matter the season. Don’t write off the jungle look quite yet.

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