Blue is the most popular color in the world. It’s the color associated with the sky, the ocean, baby boys, and the Na’vi from ‘Avatar’. It’s also our Color Of The Month at Apt2B! Here’s why blue is such a special color.

A history of blues

Blue was originally one of the most difficult pigments to acquire. The only way to get your hands on it was to grind the Lapis Lazuli stone into a fine powder. And the only way to get a Lapis Lazuli stone was to haul one out of a mine in Afghanistan. This process created a true blue pigment called Ultramarine (literally “beyond the sea”, since that’s how far away you had to go to find any). The pigment was so expensive that it was reserved only for extremely special circumstances, like the Virgin Mary’s blue robes in paintings and the eyebrows of King Tut’s death mask. Then European peasants started creating knock-off blue dyes using the woad plant, which really does sound cheap compared to Lapis Lazuli. Finally, the French monarchy and the Church decided that the peasants had enough colors to choose from so they took blue back and made it one of the royal colors.

Blue is a deceptive color

Blue is all around us. But often what we perceive as blue is actually a trick of the light. Did you know that the sky isn’t really blue? Or that blue eyes don’t actually have any blue pigment in them? It’s true! Rayleigh Scattering causes the sky to appear blue and Tyndall Scattering is responsible for blue eyes. When light smashes into certain mediums it gets scattered, which results in a blue coloring. Imagine a rainbow-colored car smashing into a wall but only having blue shrapnel fly out in every direction. That’s why the sky is blue! And that’s what you can tell your kids the next time they ask you about it.

Singin’ the blues

“I’ve got the blues” has become synonymous with “I’m experiencing crippling depression and sadness.” But where did this idea originate? Blue is usually considered the color of harmony, the color of masculinity, and it’s even been shown to promote concentration. It’s a serene color that has a balancing power. So what’s up with the whole depression thing? You can thank the British for that. Their fear of the devil and addiction to alcohol led them to create the term “blue devils” to describe the intense visual hallucinations they experienced during alcohol withdrawal. I’d like to know exactly what they were drinking back then because I normally just get a headache. After that blues music took up the mantle and the rest is history.

Blue’s for you

Blue is a hallmark of the design world, whether it be home decor or fashion. It’s one of the three primary colors on the color wheel and it’s the most common color for business suits. In other words, it’s got some serious range. It’s a fantastic color for your home because it imbues your space with a feeling of freshness, calm, and even dependability. Light shades help make a room feel larger while darker shades make a room feel more regal and grounded. Blue is a strong enough color to be the dominant shade in your room and it’s balanced enough to function as the perfect accent to the rest of your decor. Its versatility is what makes it such a popular choice for the home.

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