March is a very bipolar month. The promise of spring is on the horizon but the weather is still brutally cold and the sky is unrelentingly gray. Every now and then there’s a warm day in March. Then three days of bone-chilling wind and freezing rain follow. In this sense the name “March” is quite fitting – it’s the final, slow, trudging march towards spring. But March isn’t all doom and gloom. It has beautiful, pale sunsets that are uniquely tranquil. These late-winter sunsets paint the world in blush and blue. It only seemed fitting to have this peaceful color combination be our Apt2B color combo of the month.

Blush softens blue and blue elevates Blush. Together they strike a lovely chord.


This pale pink color goes by many names. Some call it “ballet slipper pink”. Crayola calls it “tickle me pink”. Trend bloggers refer to it as “Millennial pink“. Here at Apt2B we simply call it Blush. No matter what you call it, there’s no denying that this is the absolute hottest color in home decor. It has a soft delicacy to it that evokes a light, airy quality (our hungrier readers might even call it “cotton candy pink” for this reason). This delicate quality has made it a popular choice for contemporary, minimalist decor. Blush provides a refreshing splash of color in rooms with a predominantly white color scheme and manages to appear neutral in rooms with more complex color palettes. This gives it the unique ability to stand out or to blend in depending on the situation. Not many colors can pull off this tricky feat – especially not with the same grace as Blush. Blush is simultaneously subtle and complex, which makes it ideal for home decor.

Colorhouse Paint Sprout .06 | Delilah Sofa in Blush Velvet | Ophelia Shag Toss Pillow Blush | Elliot Round Ottoman Blush


Blue might be the word that best describes your emotional state in the month of March. But blue is not an inherently sad color. It’s dazzling like a Sapphire, crisp like the winter sky, and powerful like the ocean.  It’s no great wonder why so many names for blue are derived from these elements. And, much like its abundance in nature, we are also accustomed to the prevalence of blue in home decor. Blue is frequently used to complement base tones like gray, white, and natural wood. It adds a punch of color without ever overwhelming a space. Recently designers have been using blue as the palette-defining color for a space. Blue is now an extremely popular choice for sofas, rugs, and walls. Blue is an inoffensive color that plays well with others. This has made it a tried-and-true color for any home decor situation.

Colorhouse Paint Petal .05 | Melrose 2pc Sectional in Cobalt Velvet | Reinhardt Area Rug | BLUE CUBES Bench by Elisabeth Fredriksson

Blush and Blue

Blush and blue are a tremendous color combination because they balance one another remarkably well. The Blush color is light and airy while blue is strong and grounded. This complementary scheme allows each color to shine through. Some color combinations end up looking muddy because each color doesn’t feel uniquely defined in the palette. This is not a problem for Blush and blue since each color operates in its own individual sphere. Neither color needs the other to stand out, but together these colors take on a new life. Some might call it the perfect marriage (others might still just call it cotton candy).  Blush softens blue and blue elevates Blush. Together they strike a lovely chord. To maximize the effect of this color combination you should choose one color as the base color and the other as the complementary color. Use the base color for large items like a sofa or rug and use the complementary color for toss pillows, throw blankets, artwork, and smaller pieces of decor. Blush and blue are interchangeable in this regard. A Blush sofa with blue toss pillows will look as wonderful as a blue sofa with Blush toss pillows. In other words, with this color combination you can’t go wrong.

Spano Toss Pillow | Credenza by Gabi WINK WINK | Henry Rivers NEW YORK | Loui Jover TEMPEST

Final Thoughts

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