There are a great many things that you might find surprising. For instance, did you know that woolly mammoths were still alive when the pyramids were being built? Did you know that the unicorn is the official animal of Scotland? These facts might surprise you. But something that is not surprising at all is the fact that Scarlet and Spruce is Apt2B’s Color Combo of the Month for December. Red and green have been synonymous with December and the holiday season for decades. It just feels right.  But the real surprise is that this color combo, when used appropriately, can actually look amazing all year long.


Courage. Passion. Heat. Yes, that sounds like the slogan for a daytime soap opera, but it actually refers to three of the words that are most closely associated with scarlet. Scarlet is a color that commands attention and establishes a regal decorum in a space. It is not a color for the faint of heart. Use scarlet in moderation or use it when designing a room around a showcase piece. A dramatic scarlet accent wall can elevate a room to the realms of artistry. A scarlet sofa in an otherwise minimalist space can be utterly breathtaking. Scarlet accent pieces placed thoughtfully around a room is perhaps the most appropriate way to incorporate this color into your everyday decor. A scarlet painting, scarlet candles, or a scarlet window treatment will create an air of confidence in your interior design.

scarlet and spruce are two of the most common colors found in nature during winter

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Spruce is a handsome, thoughtful shade of green that benefits from the addition of somber blue notes in its undertone. This differentiates spruce from its more vivid and playful springtime cousins on the color wheel. Reserve the color spruce for spaces of deep thought, reflection, and work. Consider spruce for the wall color of your home office, reading room, or dining room. It can also add stately character when used as an accent color in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Spruce is an impossible color to miss this season. It is the core decor home decor element in the winter. Wreaths, garland, holly, and (last but not least) Christmas trees are all (quite literally) spruce accents. Unsurprisingly, spruce works quite well with other forest tones like brown, ochre, and white.

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Scarlet + Spruce

What’s a holiday spruce wreath without a scarlet bow? It’s a wasted opportunity to incorporate this incredible color combo, that’s what. There’s no denying that scarlet and spruce are the colors of the holiday season – it’s impossible to ignore. But why do these colors work so well together, especially during this time of year? The answer is actually quite simple; scarlet and spruce are two of the most common colors found in nature in an otherwise barren winter landscape. The holly bush, which comprises – you guessed it – spruce and scarlet colors, is the perfect example. It stands to reason that if you needed to incorporate natural decor accents in your home during winter then your options were pretty much limited to scarlet and spruce. Scarlet provides the alluring and attractive splash of color while spruce softens and supports the combination. These two colors also have a strong connection because they’re actually complementary colors (colors that are on the exact opposite side of the color wheel from one another). This gives these two colors an instant sense of contrast and subliminal chemistry.

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