‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’. You might think it’s too early to start singing holiday songs, but you have to admit that the image of roasting chestnuts is downright delightful. It’s no surprise that the two main colors in this combination are chestnut brown and sienna orange. These naturally-occurring colors are made for one another. That’s why chestnut and sienna are Apt2B’s Color Combo of the Month.


Chestnut is like the Warren Buffet of colors. It’s rich, bright, and welcoming it into your home can only lead to good things. This natural brown color is bursting with personality and warmth. Chestnut can function either as a strong neutral base for a room’s design or as a nice accent color used throughout the decor. The holiday season is also the perfect time to introduce chestnut into your home’s decor. A bowl of pine cones, a stack of logs, and a fresh set of toss pillows are all simple ways to add the warmth of chestnut to your home. Another great way to incorporate chestnut is through your wooden tables, sideboards, and accent chairs. These items don’t have to be the centerpiece of your room, but they will absolutely be standout elements.

Nourish .05 Paint from Colorhouse | Burke Toss Pillow | Chavez Side Chair | Cleo Leather Sofa


Sienna is a natural orange pigment that’s found in some of the richest clays on earth. The bucolic fields of the Tuscan countryside are absolutely saturated with sienna. And if it’s good enough for Tuscany then it’s good enough for your home. Sienna is a bold choice for the main color in your home but it works incredibly well when used as an accent color. It adds a gorgeous touch of autumnal warmth, which is exactly what your home needs during these cold winter months. Throw blankets, toss pillows, and small accessories are all you need to highlight sienna in your home. Use it to add a dynamic burst of life to your otherwise flat space. Sienna is a deep and soft enough hue of orange that it won’t overwhelm your space. It’s perfect for this time of year.

Petal .01 Paint from Colorhouse | Tilden Toss Pillow in Sunset Orange | Swift Ceramic Stool | Joseph Technicolor Pouf

Chestnut + Sienna

Chestnut and sienna are one of those pairings that were destined to work together. They’re both earth tones that naturally complement one another. Chestnut grounds and softens the strong coloring of sienna while sienna brings out the warmth and depth of chestnut. Combining these two colors results in an inviting and cozy space that will make you, your family, and all of your guests feel right at home. It’s the type of color palette that encourages you to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and embrace the fact that it now gets dark outside at 4:00PM. It also goes without saying that these are the two primary colors that define Thanksgiving. However, if you give them the opportunity, they can be colors that inspire holiday rapture throughout the entire year.

La Brea Reversible Chaise Sofa in Clementine | Grand Metal Counter Chairs | Sunset Orange Demijohn | Jet Accent Chair

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