The 4th of July is as American as a bald eagle wearing a baseball cap, drinking a beer, and shooting a rifle from the back of a pickup truck. It’s not only an American holiday – it’s the American holiday. And here at Apt2B we strive to support America and Americans as much as we possibly can. That’s why we’re celebrating the 4th of July by offering huge discounts on all of our Made In The USA furniture. You’re welcome, America.

July 4th, 1776 – Independence Day

July 4th marked the day that the 13 American Colonies officially declared themselves a unified, independent nation from Great Britain. It is, in other words, America’s birthday. But declaring independence was only the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. It took another 6 years of intense fighting, harsh winters, and ruined Christmas parties before Great Britain finally accepted the sovereignty of the United States of America. And even then the British held a grudge until we utterly humiliated them in the War of 1812. In fact, it was during the War of 1812 that the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ was written. And it wouldn’t be the 4th of July without the ‘Star Spangled Banner’.

Our indomitable spirit ensured that “made in the USA” was more than a sticker on a product – it was a mark of pride and quality workmanship.

Born In The USA

After American independence it didn’t take long before the USA became the leaders in innovation, technology, and industrial spirit. We invented the steam engine, the automobile, and sent a man to the moon. We inspired nations like France, Germany, and even Russia to embrace democracy (though Russia being a democracy is up for debate). Our indomitable spirit ensured that “made in the USA” was more than a sticker on a product – it was a mark of pride and quality workmanship. And that’s as true today as it was when Henry Ford started rolling Model T’s off his factory line. Apt2B believes in the importance of Made In The USA production. Our upholstered sofas and beds are all built right here in the US of A and feature top-tier craftsmanship. Our goal is to continue in the tradition of great American businesses and fulfill the hopes and dreams the Founding Fathers laid out on Independence Day.

Celebrate the 4th Like An American – By Blowing Stuff Up

The 4th of July is a great holiday. It’s not just great because of its significance – it’s great because its features BBQs, beer, and blowing stuff up. What’s not to love? It’s also a time for families and neighbors to come together to stoke the flames of the American spirit. Those are the same flames that light the fuse on all of the fireworks. Because there are lots of fireworks to light. Like 285.3 million pounds of fireworks. We have fireworks set to live orchestras, fireworks launched from boats, and fireworks that seem like they should probably be illegal. It’s truly an amazing day. Don’t let your last firework be the end of your patriotic celebration. Keep the spirit alive by supporting American businesses and American values.

Embrace the American spirit by checking out our collection of Made In The USA furniture and decor! God bless America.

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