Humans are bold by nature. No matter how civilized and cultured we become there’s always a primal urge for adventure. The call of the wild. Most of us have enough sense to ignore that base instinct, but there are ways to tap into that feeling without buying a motorcycle and setting off into the sunset. Sometimes all you need to do is get a little more bold with your interior design choices. Feeling ready to take a walk on the wild side? Here are some of the best ways to go bold with your living room decor that you can totally get away with!

Dip Your Toes With Tosses and Throws

You don’t need to go all in with bold decor right away. Start small with some accent pieces to test the waters first! There’s no better items to experiment with than toss pillows and throw blankets. Toss pillows are perfectly impermanent – you can easily swap them in and out depending on your mood. Want to try out a bright new color in your living room? Test it out on a toss pillow first. Thinking about a new pattern? Trust in the toss pillow. Throw blankets are great for the same reason. You can use your toss pillows and your throw blankets in tandem to try out new color combinations or play with textures.

Naxos Tropical Toss Pillow | Dress Like Coco Toss Pillow | Spring Toss Pillow | Ophelia Shag Pillow

Express Yourself Through Artwork

The whole reason that artwork exists is to create an outlet for human expression. That bold feeling you have? Bring it out with the artwork in your living room! Artwork is a more permanent decision than a toss pillow, but it’s also more significant. Artwork helps set the entire mood of a space and gives you a chance to show off your true personal taste. What’s wonderful about artwork is that the piece doesn’t need to have bright colors to be bold. You can choose artwork that has a strong artistic statement in order to be bold. Or you can choose artwork that’s extremely minimalist to get a bold point across. Be a little bold with your art choices and your living room will absolutely benefit.

The Confident Woman |  A New Day | Panda With Guns Bright Dots | See

Put Your Accent Chairs To Work

Accent chairs are great because they can disappear into the living room decor when they’re not needed and then step up to the plate to offer extra seating when guests come over. But your accent chairs can be doing more design work than they are right now. Have a little fun with your accent chairs to give your living room an extra pop of character. The accent chairs are never going to be the star of the show so you don’t need to worry about them overwhelming the rest of your decor. Fun accent chairs also make for great talking points with guests.

Bancroft Faux Fur Accent Chair | Wilshire Woven Accent Chair | Westgate Lounge Chair | Briarhill Side Chair

Pull The Rug Out

Area rugs tend to get overlooked and walked all over (see what I did there?), but they’re an amazing place to experiment with bold design. Artwork is to walls what area rugs are to floors. Area rugs really help tie the entire room together, but they also get covered up by coffee tables, sofas, and accent chairs. This makes them just visible enough to try out a bold design and just hidden enough to not overpower the look of the space. If you’re not feeling bold enough to try a bright color with your rug then you can still be bold by introducing a new texture or pattern. A white shag rug is going to give your room a bold new feeling compared to your old rug, even if it was already white. You can also use a more intriguing design to bring a bold element to your living room.

Blossom Area Rug | Aliso Shag Area Rug | Pelli Area Rug | Reinhardt Area Rug

Admit it – you’re ready to get more bold with your living room decor. Follow this advice and you’ll be feeling bolder in no time.

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