Artwork is – and always will be – one of the defining elements that transform a house into a home. That’s why Apt2B is proud to offer an unparalleled catalog of art prints from the finest contemporary artists working today. Today we will be celebrating the work of Henry Rivers, an artist whose work balances the worlds of formal design and surrealist whimsy. Henry Rivers is currently in the Apt2B Artist’s Spotlight.

The Work

Henry Rivers, the designer behind Travel Poster Co, works from a studio in the French countryside close to the city of Bordeaux. He spends his time creating bold minimalist artworks inspired by his travels, as well as designing book covers for literary fiction. His work evokes a fantastical, surrealist vision of reality – a well-worn postcard from the future. He achieves this unique style by blending a clean contemporary look with vintage poster motifs. His work is at once both familiar and exhilarating.

His work evokes a fantastical, surrealist vision of reality – a well-worn postcard from the future

The Education

Prior to becoming an illustrator, Henry trained as an architect at the University of Cambridge in England. Here he learned the technical art of drawing buildings in elevation and studied the history of architectural styles, focusing on the Art Deco skyscrapers of New York. Henry’s passion for architecture can been seen in many of his artworks. This formal training created the foundation for his ability to combine realistic city skylines with wondrous aesthetics.


The Style

In 2015 Henry started Travel Poster Co. a collection of contemporary travel posters. With an eye for playful details and striking minimalist compositions, Henry’s designs are a modern interpretation of the Art Deco travel advert. Henry’s playful style often involves a contrast of scales, featuring huge landmarks set against the little characters that animate his posters.

The Process

Henry starts his artworks in a sketchy style with a pen and a ruler, often with dozens of drafts until a design is finalized.  The final artworks are created digitally, bringing in soft colors, textures and depth.

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