Giulio Rossi might not be a household name, but his artwork certainly deserves a space in your home. Rossi is a self-taught Italian artist whose work suggests the he views the world through a heightened, sensationalized, surrealist lens. His work is eye-catching, contemporary, and perfectly-suited to Apt2B’s style.

Self-Taught Savant

Giulio Rossi did not rise up in the art world through conventional means. For as long as he can remember art has been his passion. He’s a self-taught artist who worked hard to master the fundamentals before he found his own artistic voice. Rossi began his career using acrylic, ink, and charcoal as his mediums of choice. These formal practices helped shape his understanding of artistic form, but they never quite captured the spirit of Rossi’s vision. However, they built a solid foundation for his future achievements. Collaborating with advertising agencies as a freelancer, his work has also been featured in art galleries, magazines, music video clips, book covers, and fashion clothing collections. In February 2014 Madonna chose to feature one of his artworks in her Art For Freedom project.

Guilio Rossi FRIDA | Guilio Rossi PORCELAIN

Digital Awakening

The advancement of computers and the digital canvas opened up an entire new realm of creativity for Rossi. Tangible tools had restricted Rossi from taking full control of his artistic journey. Digital painting and graphic design allowed Rossi to explore new color palettes, experiment with form, and create a signature style. Now his over-saturated scenes explode with sugar-infused surrealism that pop off the canvas and demand attention.

Guilio Rossi FLY AWAY | Guilio Rossi COOL

Signature Style

Giulio Rossi’s artwork often features hyper-stylized women as the subject. Rossi’s specialty is in creating imagery that is at first glance innocent, yet suggests a darker reality upon further inspection. In his painting named “Fly Away,” a woman with over-sized cat-eye glasses and wreathed in the wholesome palette of a 1950s sock hop is seen with a fly on her nose. The observer must pause as the artwork forces them to recalibrate their initial impression of this seemingly-innocent scene. The same can be said for the painting titled “Cool”. The subject of this painting looks simultaneously like the girl-next-door and the unsubtle disguise of a comic book villain. This look has quickly become Rossi’s signature style.

picture of male artist

Artist Giulio Rossi

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