Written by: Mat Herman, co-founder and CEO of Apt2B

Apt2B is – and always will be – a company with creativity at its core. Creativity influences every decision that we make from the style of our built-to-order furniture to the way we interact with our customers. Creativity is in our DNA. But creativity needs room to flourish.  That’s why, when our Apt2B Marketing Team needed more room to grow in a new work space, we knew that there was no better choice than WeWork.

What WeWork Is All About

WeWork is a growing community of shared workspaces that are perfectly-tailored for the modern business. They offer state-of-the-art facilities with all the important amenities (cold brew coffee, community events, and kombucha on tap). WeWork describes itself as, “a place where we’re redefining success measured by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line. Community is our catalyst.” Needless to say, I was intrigued by the pitch but I wasn’t quite ready to drink the kombucha just yet. I wanted our Apt2B Marketing Team to have a space that matched its personality – creative, tenacious, and utterly charming. Was WeWork up to the task?

Our new Apt2B WeWork office feels like a true second home.

The WeWork Challenge

Ever since we launched Apt2B 7 years ago, we’ve made creative solutions for small spaces a big part of our business model. And when it came to our WeWork space we knew we were in for a challenge.  The WeWork office we chose is a mere 12’x20’ glass box. And we needed space for at least four employees and all of our favorite pieces of decor. Sure, we could have hauled in a couple of desks and called it a day – but that’s not Apt2B’s style. I figured if we’re going to be working inside an aquarium we might as well give the people something to look at! And I knew just the man for the job. I called up our resident designer, Kyle Schuneman, and gave him the skinny on the situation. Needless to say he was eager to tackle this challenge.

Tackling the Transformation

Kyle Schuneman is our resident Apt2B designer, a true small space guru, and – last but not least – an integral part of our business and the brand’s identity. He’s also the best-selling author of the book My First Apartment, which is more or less the Bible for small space design. I knew if anyone was up to the challenge it was Kyle. Plus, Kyle will also be using the space to work on designs projects for Apt2B; it was in his best interest to make sure the space was perfect. Thankfully WeWork gave us nearly free reign to allow his vision to materialize.

Kyle’s first goal was to warm up the space with color and eye-catching appeal. He achieved this by choosing The Wave Tricolour Credenza to function as the focal point and basis for the overall design. The pattern and the colors provided plenty of exciting options to play with. Kyle loves to squeeze the most out of every small space, which is why creating a chalkboard wall was a no-brainer. Chalkboard paint gives us the opportunity to keep calendars, lists, notifications, and crudely-drawn sketches all in one convenient, ever-changing place. And what Apt2B space would be complete without an Apt2B sofa? Kyle chose our cozy Monroe Apartment Size Sofa in Mountain Grey, which provides a place to relax (and a place for me to nap). Oh, and did we mention our new Apt2B yellow neon sign? It’s – quite literally – the signature touch on the space.

Credenza by Three of the Possessed WAVE TRICOLOUR |  Ferro Toss Pillow | Victory Desk WALNUT/SILVER | Monroe Apartment Size Sofa in MOUNTAIN GREY | Angeles Crest Live Edge Bookcase NATURAL | Tessellated Area Rug GRAY Max Table Lamp SUNNY DAY YELLOW

The Finished Product

The end result speaks for itself. Apt2B, WeWork, and Kyle Schuneman came together to create a space that highlights the talent and the assets of of everyone involved. WeWork provided the incredible blank slate and facilities, Kyle made the vision come to life, and the Apt2B Marketing Team is already hard at work drinking all the free cold brew coffee they can. I couldn’t be happier with how this project took shape. Our new Apt2B WeWork office feels like a true second home. Now that we have all the room we need to grow, the Apt2B Marketing Team can focus on what really matters – helping our customers realize their own design potential.

Photo Credits: Brecht Vanthof | website | instagram @brechtvanthof

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