Yin and yang. Light and dark. Contrast and harmony. “The cookie”. Black and white have been the two opposing and equal forces in the design world since... forever. There’s nothing more classic, nothing more contemporary, and nothing more timeless than black and white. And that’s why Apt2B is celebrating these dynamic colors as September’s Color Combo of the Month!

Foundational Colors

Black and white are true foundational colors. They create a fantastic basis for building up the style and decor of your space, whether it’s a living room or an entire home. It’s very easy to design a room when the basic elements are as simple and elegant as black and white. Want to add a pop of color? Not a problem. Want a metallic accent? Beautiful. Happy with the simplicity of these polar opposite colors? Perfection.

Black And White Are Timeless Yet Contemporary

Black and white are timeless. Like a tuxedo. That’s because they’re on the exact opposite ends of the color spectrum (and it doesn’t hurt that old photos and movies are black and white). The combo just feels classic. But this combo has become especially prominent in contemporary design. Scandinavian decor, minimalism, and chic trends have all intersected at white and black. A glossy, clean, white home with black accents is as contemporary as it gets.

It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Black Or White...

... it’s going to look great. White and black are no-fuss colors that you can incorporate in a variety of ways. Try using black and white for smaller decor elements like toss pillows, area rugs, lamps, throw blankets, or artwork. White walls are also a great way to bring this color combo into your home. Pair your white walls with a black sofa to absolutely nail this stylistic combo.

A Pattern Of Success

You don’t need to combine white items with black items to produce this chic color combination. Sometimes it’s best if the two colors are part of the same object. Luckily there are plenty of patterns that are perfect with black and white. Animal patterns, stripes, and geometric shapes have never looked better than when they’re comprised of white and black colors.

Want to give this classic-yet-contemporary color combo a shot? Then check out our Apt2B Color Combo Of the Month Collection!

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