Vesper 3 Shelf Side Table Vesper 3 Shelf Side Table Vesper 3 Shelf Side Table Vesper 3 Shelf Side Table

Vesper 3 Shelf Side Table


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Overall Dimensions
35.5"w x 15"d x 22"h
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We all know that James Bond's signature drink is a martini - shaken, not stirred. Or is it? In the original book series, James Bond would actually order a cocktail of his own invention. That drink is now known as the Vesper (named after the femme fatale in 'Casino Royale'). It's a no-nonsense, boozy cocktail that has all the dashing elegance you would expect from James Bond. And it's exactly what you can expect from our handsome Vesper Collection.

The Vesper 3 Shelf Side Table is made from dark Grey Oak and is supported by an Antique Brass frame. This simple, sophisticated table doesn't pull any punches. Its three-level design allows for ample storage of all your gadgets and accessories. Its design is deceptively simple, though closer inspection will reveal all its clever details. Much like our favorite gentleman spy, the Vesper blends in well with formal settings, as well as casual spaces.

The Vesper Cocktail:

- 3oz Gin
- 1oz Vodka
- 1/2oz Lillet Blanc Aperitif


  • Dark Grey Oak
  • Antique Brass


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Vesper 3 Shelf Side Table