Shop By Color

We all know the grueling pain of discovering your perfect piece doesn't come in the perfect color -- what?! Ugh. Unfortunately the same predicament can happen when searching for the right furniture online. At Apt2B we've circumvented this potentially weekend-ruining problem by creating a Search by Color option. Yes, it's as fantastic as it sounds. Want to find amethyst-colored accent pieces - you're one click away. Need a chic Sweet Potato sofa? Ask and you shall receive.

We invite you to take down whatever inner walls prohibit you from exploring the colors that make you happy. Purple is no longer reserved for the Queen's velvet cape; see how it might look in your bedroom. Yellow has a destiny beyond the mustard bottle, consider it as an accent in your living room. Have fun with it - you may be surprised what you find.

One great part of making furniture Los Angeles, USA, is that we're able to customize beyond your wildest dreams (well…some of your dreams at least). If you have something in mind, don't hesitate to reach out and rub our lamp - we'll do our best to be your genie.