Living Room Style Guide


Sofas & Sectionals

Some people say we have too many sofas. We say there is no such thing, because everyone has a different preference for how to plant their fanny. From traditional sofas that blend in to modern sofas that stand out, Apt2B has something comfortable for everyone. Add luxurious elegance with tufted sofas that eliminate fabric sag, cozy up in smaller living spaces with apartment size sofas, complement other modern furnishings with an armless sofa or go for ultimate relaxation with a reversible chaise sofa. Our fabric upholstered sofas and sectionals come in a choice of bright or neutral colors, or you can get leather upholstered sofas so you will never stain your sofa by spilling a drink. Check out our designs, ask for some swatches and enjoy the guaranteed craftsmanship.

Coffee Tables

A cool coffee table is the unsung hero of the living room - it will never be voted the Most Valuable Furnishing, but you always notice when there isn't one. The shape is the first thing to look at while shopping. Rectangular coffee tables go best with most sofas, while a round coffee table is perfect for sectionals. You can also select a nontraditional modern shape such as a triangle, oval or sunflower. When it comes to materials, classic wood coffee tables can complement retro or modern furniture, while a glass or chrome coffee table shows you're on the cutting edge of design. Our customer service team will help you find the ideal table to put your feet or drink on.

Accent Chairs & Side Chairs

A snappy accent chair or side chair adds a fun touch to your living room décor, and is good to have for when all your friends can't squeeze onto the sofa. Generally speaking, accent chairs are meant for long sessions of reading or watching movies, while side chairs are ideal for short periods and big gatherings. Whichever one is up your alley, our designers have come up with a huge number of styles that are comfortable while looking far more rad than a traditional recliner. Sink into a variety of lounge chairs, some of which are form-sculpted to wrap you up. Choose high armrests or sloped armrests for a more elegant flair, or go with no armrests so you have room to pluck on your guitar. Go vintage with the Mesquite, business class with the Darby or sensuous with the Dana Point, all of which ship right to your door for free.

Side Tables & Console Tables

Adding a side table or console table to the living room will help keep things organized, whether you use them to hold a reading lamp or to set up a snack bar for your next party. A basic side table gives your space some personality and is a far better place to keep your keys, magazines and remotes than on the floor. Long, narrow console tables open up even more possibilities, and can be used for everything from picture frames to plants. Rustic wood accent tables offer a calm vintage feel, while a glass, chrome or marble table will spice things up. These tables may only be a supporting player, but they can support a lot of different things.

TV Stands

The television is still many people's lifeline for current news, sporting events, gaming and commercials. Apt2B has a number of heavy-duty TV stands that support the weight of large modern electronics, and look cool without distracting you from your James Bond movie marathon. Media stands such as the Iris and Grandeur have compartments and drawers for setting up or storing TV signal boxes, Blu-Ray players, video game consoles, remotes and other devices. If you're looking for more pizzazz, our credenzas have front coverings with bright, busy patterns to hypnotize viewers. These modern TV stands boast a clean, modern look.

Bookcases & Storage

Everyone has things they want to display, from books to pottery to their incredible mastery of calisthenics. Our bookcases and storage cabinets will help you show these things off - well, the first two things, anyway - while being a sight to marvel at in their own right. Glass-door cabinets offer elegantly antique charm, a chrome five-shelf bookcase will gleam with modern flash, and a multi-door tall cabinet is perfect for storage and organization. We also have offset bookcases and other unorthodox furnishings, which we will ship to you for free in a decidedly more orthodox way.

Poufs & Ottomans

You could theoretically put your feet up without having anything to rest them on, but that would just make them even more tired in the long run. Poufs and ottomans just go together with sofas and chairs - like cake and ice cream, or Hall and Oates. A long rectangular ottoman allows multiple people on the sofa to relax. A square ottoman or pouf pairs well with your favorite chair - and can be used as an additional seat in a pinch. If you have a sectional, a round ottoman or pouf is perfect for the middle section. And if you don't have enough closets, you can put blankets, games and practical jokes in a storage ottoman. A variety of colors and patterns are available for the right style accent in your living room, and you can choose between fabric, wool or leather coverings.