Color is a pretty big deal when it comes to furniture. You can have the highest-quality sofa or bed, but if the shade is off, it will be about as trendy as disco. But if you’re not sure what’s currently in, don’t worry — our interior style experts are here to help. Our Color of the Month sections feature hand-picked furniture and home décor with the hottest design colors right now. Here you’ll find the most recent featured color trends plus links to other recent online galleries — because even in this fast-paced world, it takes more than a month for a shade to go out of style.

Whether you’ve already decided on the color you want or are still trying to make up your mind, the Color of the Month is a great place to start. Individual color sections such as blue, green and purple are filled with furniture from all our biggest lines. Lovers of modern, transitional, industrial and classically elegant households can find the right furniture. After all, a great color is a great color pretty much regardless of what you put it on. So find your newest navy blue sofa, dark red armchair or yellow table lamp – if it’s trendy, then we have it here.

The furniture nuts in our Los Angeles offices have put together a number of interior design color combinations as well. Of course, there are classics like black and white, or even purple and gold furniture (which is perfect for fans of certain sports teams.) but did you know that chestnut and sienna or pink and pewter go great together as well? There are also seasonal modern color trends such as our autumn furniture page. All of it has two things in common: it’s made to last for as long as it’s stylish and it comes with industry-leading customer service.