Sofa Style Guide

Modern Sofas

Modern refers to anything relating to the present time. So isn’t mid-century modern a paradox? Who are we to say. If you’re a style pioneer and want to steer clear of any pre-established styles, then a modern sofa might be the right fit for you. See what the world’s leading designers have come up with, and experience the best pound-for-pound value in the industry with our Made in the USA modern sofas. By choosing a modern sofa, you’re able to incorporate the best elements of different styles - the most innovative fabrics, the most comfortable cushions, and designs taking into consideration thousands of years of sofa evolution (we’ve come a reeeally long way from the fallen log).

Traditional Sofas

A sofa does not always need to be a statement piece. Sometimes the perfect sofa blends in to create a rich atmosphere, or provides a plush centerpiece where people feel comfortable to gather round and share tales from days of yore, or from last week. Our predecessors in the Bauhaus taught us that form follows function, and the primary function of a sofa is a piece of furniture where several people can sit in comfort. At Apt2B we take that basic premise and infuse it with fresh fabrics and alluring colors, always finishing with best-in-class construction right here in the USA. A traditional choice, however, is not exempt from style and personal taste. Request some swatches and choose the right colors and fabrics to match your personal taste. Chosen properly, a good sofa becomes like a member of the family, only quieter.

Tufted Sofas

Nothing says elegance like a good tufted sofa. Originally made popular in the Victorian era, the ever-fashionable design of the tufted sofa has graced the interior of the world’s finest living rooms and hosted warm conversations between dignitaries, fashion icons, squires, captains of industry, innovators, and artists of all stripes. The appealing symmetrical buttons hold the fabric taut, allowing each piece to live to its full potential. Trends may change and new styles will evolve, but the tufted sofa is here to stay. Always made in the USA, contact us to ask about our tufted sofas to see if it is the right fit for you. Spoiler Alert: the answer is almost always a resounding Yes.

Modular Sofas

Modular sofas provide more flexibility than other types of sofas. Often with two armed-pieces, one armless, and one ottoman, a modular sofa can adapt to suit its space. The ottoman can be fixed on one side or another, or it could remain mobile, ready to hold a platter of drinks or to be a communal footrest. If you move the sofa from one corner to another, you can switch the ottoman. If you downsize, you can remove the center and ottoman to leave a loveseat. If you’re feeling experimental, you can take it all apart and build a pretty cool fort. Module sofas are often a favorite option to cozy up with your favorite people and chat or watch a movie.

Armless Sofas

The brave person who first chopped the arms off of their sofa will forever be glorified in the history of furniture design. This modern marvel creates previously impossible sitting opportunities. First, you can dangle your feet off the side of the couch without anybody screaming about damaging the arms, because there are no arms. Second, it’s a very social piece of furniture, great for hosts. Finally, it’s a tremendous complement to any other modern design elements. While the armless sofa is relatively new to the scene, if we had to place our bet now, we’d say it’s a keeper.

The best part? All arms spared in the design of the armless sofa are donated to sofas in need of arms in our Los Angeles warehouse.

Apartment Size Sofas

When children decorate a dollhouse, do they try to cram in a full sized recliner, or an actual bathtub? Of course not, because furniture should not be one size fits all! When selecting the right sofa for your space, there’s no need to sacrifice a preferred style for a smaller space, go for the apartment sized sofa instead. One of the perks of making our furniture in Los Angeles, USA, is customization. Apartment sized sofas offer the same designs as full sized sofas with adjusted measurements to accommodate more fitted living.

Reversible Chaise Sofas

Chaise sofas are famously comfortable. With one longer section, they are permanently prepared for someone to flop down into immediate relaxation. If you’re exploring the chaise option, take into consideration that a traditional chaise sofa is less spatially flexible than a standard sofa because the “L” shape; however, the advent of the reversible chaise eliminated that predicament. If you need to redesign the room, you aren’t stuck with the couch jutting into a walkway or cutting off the feng shui; instead, you can adjust your chaise accordingly. Don’t worry about how to get it into your place, we’ll take care of that free of charge, and you can even be picky about where we place it - we want to get it just right.