Bedroom Style Guide




Unless you are the type of person who dislikes a good night's sleep, your bed is the most important piece of furniture at home. Above all, it should be something you're comfortable spending at least eight hours a day in. Upholstered beds such as our Cooper, Huntley, or Palmer offer more traditional style, with soothing textured fabrics and tufting for a luxurious feel. A variety of colors and tufting styles are available, so request some fabric swatches to make a more informed choice.

If you have a smaller space, our platform beds simplify things with wood or metal framing for a sleek look, while sitting low to the ground so falling out won't hurt as much. We have options from the Stark Low Profile Bed to the Hampstead Platform Bed, while storage beds add additional versatility. Whichever one you choose, we will design and build your bed, allowing you to customize it for the ideal sleeping partner.

Dressers & Chests

What to use for storing your clean socks depends as much on space as it does on personal preference. A low, wide dresser will fit along a wall nicely while also providing an easily accessible shelf for holding a television or other display. If floor space is at a premium, then a tall, narrow chest will slide right in amongst your other furnishings. Both options are available in a variety of wood finishes such as walnut, deep espresso, distressed wood and brushed steel for either a rustic or modern look. We also have alternative storage options such as consoles and sideboards that ship to your doorstep.

Side Tables & Nightstands

A side table or nightstand gives you a convenient place for items such as an alarm clock, lamp, book or late-night snack. Petite wooden side tables with simple lines such as the Clifton add a soothing effect to your quiet area, while a modern glass round accent table or aluminum table offers sleekness to spare. Nightstands are more like miniature chests, with drawers and compartments for things that don't need to be seen on the house tour. You'll want to check the height on each item depending on whether you want it to tower above, slink below or be right at mattress level.


You'll always be able to check out your beautiful self with a hot bedroom mirror. Full-length mirrors show off your gorgeous body from head to toe and are perfect for seeing how that trendy new outfit looks. A smaller wall mirror or dresser mirror is good for making sure your hair is set in your perfect style. Our thick border mirrors add additional flair and stand out amongst their surroundings. Apt2B also provides a number of frame types and finishes such as the utilitarian Vantage Square Mirror, rustic Glenoaks Walnut Mirror and rugged Warwick Mirror for looks from country chic to The Jetsons.


A bedroom desk is ideal for dorm rooms, student bedrooms and anyone who's always waking up in the middle of the night with great ideas. Barebones "top and legs" desks such as the Brinkley or Silverlake can also be used as computer tables, side tables or game tables. If you need to keep pens, paper clips and other supplies organized, we suggest a drawered desk that shows you're serious about your work. Go timeless with the Granger Desk, add elegance with the Victory Desk, enjoy the unique modern edge of the Pasadena or get a Blaine Desk that looks like it's floating on air.

TV Stands

Who says you have to get out of bed to binge-watch your favorite TV show? Certainly not us, which is why we think a TV stand or media cabinet is a great bedroom addition. Perfect for when people in the house have different viewing tastes, a low-profile TV stand will fit right into cozier areas, with built-in drawers and areas for putting your media players, receivers, game consoles and DVD box sets. Our simple but sturdy wooden media stands are finished in colors ranging from classic wenge to modern white.


For true book lovers, there is never really enough space for all their books. A bedroom bookcase is useful for when your home library shelves are stuffed to capacity, or if you want to keep certain books away from prying eyes. Five-shelf chrome bookcases add a modern touch, while wooden book consoles and glass-front book cabinets offer elegance and sophistication. A space-saving 10-shelf Zephyr bookcase can fit right in the corner of small rooms, or you can get a Zelzah bookcase with vintage decorative wheels to trick people into thinking they can push your books around.

Accent Chairs & Footrests

Whether you're lost in a good read or texting with your friends, sometimes you want to kick back without lying down. Our comfortable accent chairs and lounge chairs are made with a choice of fabrics and leathers in a number of colors to complement the rest of your bedroom. Show you take relaxing seriously with a bucket seat Chantilly lounge chair, go for the modern business look with an Ace leather accent chair or add some swank sex appeal with a plush Dana Point accent chair. We'll help you pick the right one for your butt and back, then deliver it right to its final resting place. Add an ottoman or pouf to put your feet up on, and try not to fall asleep.