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Take that dark, dreary living room or den into the stylistic stratosphere with one of these dazzling white contemporary sofas or white sectional sofas from Apt2B. You'll instantly transform a room with the bright, crisp and clean look of an all-white sofa. And a white contemporary sofa will enliven your creativity with unlimited design possibilities. You know how a white shirt goes with anything? So too will your snazzy new sofa from Apt2B!

Most of the exhilarating contemporary sofa styles you see here are available in eye-popping white. Our upholstered sofas are manufactured right in Los Angeles from certified sustainable, locally sourced materials and hypo-allergenic, cleanable fabrics. So not only will your white sofa look pristine and modern - it engages in clean living and has a strong social conscience as well!

When you browse through our modern sofas, whether it's a standard-size, apartment size sofa or white sectional, you'll see why we're many miles ahead of the competition. Features include eco-friendly construction, solid wood frames and high-density seat cushions. Plus, we offer a lifetime guarantee on frames and workmanship. Take that, fancy overpriced furniture boutique!

How white is white? See for yourself with our free fabric sample. Our interactive online design shop also lets you choose your color (white, in this case) and see our recommended colors and complementary furnishings to complete that chic look you've been jonesing for. After your new sofa is delivered free to the exact room you want it in, if it still isn't exactly right and you're not madly in love, you'll be happy with our hassle free return policy. We guarantee you, our classy customer, complete 100 percent satisfaction!