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Whether you're a bona fide couch potato or you’re rarely home, your living room will look naked without a fabulous sofa to create an inviting atmosphere. The sofa anchors your living room’s design and will set the tone for the space. If you still haven’t picked out that perfect sofa, don’t worry, because Apt2B has you covered with a huge selection of gorgeous modern sofas in every color of the rainbow.

The Apt2B sofa collection features an incredible variety of designer modern sofas, including everything from simple low-back Lawson sofas in your choice of fabrics to more traditional looks, like our Tuxedo sofas. You'll love the fabulous array of mid-century modern sofa couches that are the perfect solution to bridging traditional and contemporary decor. Our huge selection and affordable prices make it easier than ever to create a living room you'll be proud to call your own. And with the right Apt2B couch, you may just find yourself wanting to spend more time in your stylish abode. Start shopping now to find your home’s perfect sofa fit.

Find Your Sofa Size

Start your search for cool couches by deciding which size is the best fit for your space. You want your sofa to be comfortably spacious without overwhelming your space. Full-size sofas are designed to seat one to three people — or more, we won't judge. They come in two- or three-seat cushion styles and are available with or without arms. Select styles are available with your choice of fabrics, making it easy to customize your new sofa to suit your space, be it large or small. Looking to support your local furniture makers? So are we. Many of our modern sofas are made domestically, and all our customizable contemporary sofas are proudly made in the United States by skilled craftsmen, ensuring you get American-made quality at an affordable price.

If you need a style that's perfectly tailored to your compact space, be it an urban studio apartment or a cozy sunroom, you won't want to miss our collection of modern apartment-size sofas. Pick out a compact, mid-century modern sofa if you want a comfy and stylish seating option for guests while still having floor space available to move around easily. Create a focal point in your space with a small sofa in a bright, popping color. We've got small couches and sofas for every design approach, regardless of whether you're a super-minimalist in search of sleek, modern leather sofas or you love all things antique and lean more toward fancy tufted sofas or boho-chic sofas. Our amazing selection of both styles and sizes is part of what makes shopping at Apt2B so unique compared to your typical furniture store. Plus, we offer an incredible range of fabric options so you can perfectly complement your decor with a soft neutral tone or a rich, vibrant hue.

Sofas Built to Last

At, we're firm believers in quality above all else. No matter what style of sofa you choose, all of our designs are made with high-quality materials and thoughtful attention to detail. Our modern sofas and mid-century sofas incorporate sexy features like exposed feet and tufted backs alongside more practical aspects like reinforced frames, extra-thick seat cushions and lower back support. The result is a collection of sofas that not only look good, but that also make you feel great every time you sit on them.

Despite the affordable prices, these are investment pieces that will keep you and your family comfy and cozy for years to come. Our collection of kid-friendly furniture means the whole family can feel comfortable without worrying about damage or stains. Your sofa is the place where you’ll cuddle under blankets on a rainy day reading a favorite book or kick back with a big bowl of popcorn for movie night. It’s where you’ll host friends for gatherings of all kinds and celebrate special moments with your loved ones around you. And thanks to our huge selection of pet-friendly fabrics, your modern sofa can even become your pet’s favorite sleeping spot, too,.

Enjoy high-end style with a budget-friendly price tag by shopping at Apt2B for the best selection of modern sofas and apartment-size small sofas on the internet. All our sofas come with free delivery, and we’ll send you free fabric samples so you can be sure the sofa you select will fit with all your decor. We also offer hassle-free returns and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Find the ideal focal point for your living room today with the sensational selection of modern sofa styles at Apt2B.

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