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Are you having a difficult time choosing between sectional leather sofas and fabric sofas? Both have their strong points, and each has its own loyal fans. Are you Team Leather or Team Fabric? If you're on the fence, here are some guidelines to help decide which is right for you.

Which is more comfortable? If you live in a hot or cold climate, leather might lose a bit of its sexiness in the height of the summer or the depths of the winter. Hot leather and bare thighs can be a sticky situation, whereas most people want a warm fabric to cuddle up with in the colder months. If this is important to you, a fabric sofa might be a better choice. Apt2B fabric sectionals and standard upholstered fabric sofas are made from hypo-allergenic, breathable fabric, and are available in many exciting colors.

Is fabric or leather more durable and easier to clean? The durability of the fabric or the letter will determine how long-lasting and durable it is. You'll find that both our leather sofas and our upholstered fabric sofas are made with the highest quality materials. Our fabrics are hypo-allergenic, easily cleanable and resistant to stains, and our leather upholstery is made from top grain leather, which is very high quality. It's more stain resistant than full grain leather, but it's not as breathable as our special fabric. Though top grain leather will show less scratches than full grain, it might still show some marks. So you may want to think twice about buying leather if you'll have pets with claws on the sofa (or kids with claws).

Which is more hypo-allergenic, leather or fabric? Normally we'd say that leather is better for people with allergies. However, once again, our upholstered fabric sofas are true superstars, because they're made with hypo-allergenic fabric!

How about the prices? We make that easy, since all our sofas are very affordable. If you're "into leather" (don't worry, we won't ask for any details), then you'll find the best prices for exceptionally well-designed, beautiful leather sofas.

Now, get off that fence and sit on something more comfortable!