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Stylish Beds for Cats and Dogs

Treat your furry friend to a cozy spot of their own with pet beds from Apt2B. Our selection of comfortable pet pads includes a variety of sizes to accommodate your dog or cat. Rather than having your faithful companion try to claim your bed or sofa as their own personal pet bedding, why not get them a special bed that keeps them comfortable without affecting the style of your space? Learn more about our memory foam pet beds and how they can make both pets and owners happier at home.

Designed for Ultimate Comfort

Each calming pet bed in our collection is designed to encourage your pet to cuddle up and feel relaxed. The shape encircles them to make it feel especially snuggly, which helps them have happy dreams while they drift off for yet another nap. Super-soft fabrics and plush memory foam create a supremely cushioned feel that they’ll instantly love. Similar to orthopedic pet beds, these designs also ease tired joints and allow older pets to sit and lie down comfortably.

Keep Your Furniture Fur-Free

One of the top reasons to get a pet bed from Apt2B is to keep your furniture in better shape. We all know that pets can’t resist a cozy couch, but when they have an ultra-soft and inviting space to call their own, they’ll be less likely to hop up on your favorite leather chair or take up space on the living room sectional. And with a variety of stylish colors to choose from, you can easily coordinate your pet’s new bed with the rest of your decor. That means less fur, scratches and stains on the sofa and more sweet snoozes from your favorite pal with paws.

Your pet is sure to love their cool pet pad from Apt2B, but if they still insist on sofa time, consider choosing from our selection of pet-friendly furniture made with durable, easy-to-clean materials that hold up well — even when Fido or Fluffy frequently chooses your sofa as their napping spot.

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