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Microfiber sectional couches and standard couches are all the rage. They're soft and cozy, durable and stains clean up easily. But are they the best choice for you? How about for kids and pets? How do they compare to fabric upholstered sofas? Let's take a look.

Look and Feel - Microfiber has a plush, velvety look and feel. It's a soft and comfortable material. One issue with microfiber, however, is that people often report that they "stick to it" and that it can create a great deal of static (see cleaning and care). Fabric sofas, while perhaps not as velvety soft as microfiber (depending on the material), won't have as much of a static problem. Static can be a big issue, especially in the winter when the air is drier.

Cleaning, Care and Durability - If you get a stain on your microfiber sofa, it is very easy to clean off. A bigger issue with microfiber is that it attracts, well, just about anything! From small clothing fibers to pet hair, microfiber tends to attract pieces of material or hair like a magnet, making it difficult to keep perfectly clean, since a vacuum cleaner usually won't work (think lint brush). Many kinds of fabrics that are used for sofas - such as the breathable, hypo-allergenic and easy-to-clean fabrics we use here at Apt2B - are treated to be stain resistant, and you won't have the magnetic attraction problem. As for durability, both microfiber and fabric sofas can be extremely durable. It all depends on the quality of the material.

Our fabric sectional sofas, available in many different colors, are handcrafted and made to order in our Los Angeles, California facility. Our skilled artisans use locally sourced and certified sustainable materials. Our customer service is second to none, from the easy browsing of our various styles and free fabric swatches so you can test it at home, to our in-home delivery and free nationwide shipping.