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It’s leather. It’s luxury. It’s authenticity. From soft, supple real leather to the minimal, versatile design, Apt2B sofas are a true work of art. Not in the ornate or pretentious sense, but in the contemporary, streamlined one: Simple is sexy, and simple also translates to longevity.

But don’t just look. Really — just don’t. Leather sofas — even those made from durable, top grain hides — aren’t ornamental. Rather, they’re made for sitting. And binge-watching. And stretching out on that rare Saturday when there’s nothing on the agenda. Perhaps you’ll go out later, but right now, nothing’s penciled in, and you’ll be spending the next few hours chilling at your own pace — no interruptions.

Through this mindset, Apt2B leather sofas and loveseats — and no, we don’t call them couches — have the feel of that worn-out, broken-in piece you held on to in college and through your first apartment. But, now you have the funds to afford real furniture — the stuff that, beyond the appreciation factor, will give you years of use, apartment after apartment, job after job, and into your first (or even second) home.

They don’t look it, though. That’s the beauty. Our black and brown leather sofas are about as classic as a little black dress or grey wool suit — all those basics that occupy your wardrobe that outlast all trends. So, browse and shop, and discover something that speaks to your refined yet never-showy tastes. 

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