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Who are you calling cheap? When you hear the phrase "cheap and discounted sofas," chances are you envision a late-night TV infomercial or some skeezy backlot warehouse with furniture of dubious lineage. Hey, we don't do that here at Apt2B! These discounted full-size and apartment-size sofas may be low in price, but they're extremely high in quality and workmanship. All of our customizable sofas are made in the U.S. - most of them are constructed right in Los Angeles, California, from sustainable, locally sourced materials and hypo-allergenic fabrics. Fancy schmancy, right? These sofas are designed for kings and queens but priced for commoners - well, for environmentally-conscious commoners.

Choose from affordable apartment sofas and full-size sofas in a variety of styles. You're likely to find mid-century sofas with 1950s chic appeal, contemporary sofas with sleek silhouettes and for you traditionalists out there, sofas with a hint of classic old-world style. Our traditional sofas have those nice little touches like button-tufted back cushions, rolled arms and tapered wooden legs.

Just because we call them discounted sofas doesn't mean we're serving up last year's style, or that we have a limited inventory. Quite the opposite. In fact, Apt2B allows you to custom order your sofa by choosing the dimensions and colors. So you're not relegated to pieces that may or may not match your existing d├ęcor. We want you to love our furniture as much as we do and what better way to outfit your home than with your own personal style. We carry all the neutrals shades, but if you're looking for a pop of pink in your living room, or an avocado green in your family room, we'll make it happen. How many discounted sofas let you do that? Would you like us to send you some swatches so you can compare colors? No problem.

Are you looking for an even bigger bargain? Of course you are. Then be on the lookout for discounted sleeper sofas, because one of these babies can turn your humble apartment into a cozy and welcoming bed and breakfast. OK, you may not want to advertise that too much or you're liable to find yourself with quite a few self-invited guests.

Apt2B outshines our competitors not just in the style and quality of our sofas and other furnishings. We also offer our customers the highest level of expertise and service. Our team collectively has a lifetime of furniture experience and our customer support crew is available to answer your product and design questions.

As we're always in the know about the latest styles and our stock frequently changes, keep checking back in on our discounted, cheap sofas for the best deals.