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Let's face it - we're all trying to find ways to bring more tranquility into our busy lives. What is it for you? Is it a rigorous hour at the gym, or a weekly yoga class? Maybe you meditate or secretly read romance novels late at night. We'll give you another suggestion for how you can unwind. If you're not feeling the "Om," try a blue sofa. What!? No, we're not joking. Blue is widely considered a calming color, and it's also the type of color that harmonizes nicely with other colors of furnishings. In our custom fabric colors at Apt2B, we offer various shades of blue. You can choose from many different styles of blue sofas, from cozy traditional to bold contemporary. We also have both full-sized and apartment size blue sofas, so wherever you need a dose of elegant serenity we have the perfectly size.

Our U.S.-made upholstered sofas, constructed right in Los Angeles, begin with solid wood frames and eco-friendly construction. These sofas, whether they're blue or another color, are custom made by highly skilled artisans with breathable, cleanable hypo-allergenic fabric. Then there are the different shades of blue sofas. Baltic is a deep, rich, rugged blue. Royal blue is, as the name suggests, elegant and regal. Navy is similar to Baltic, though in a smoother weave. Blueberry is somewhat brighter and more vibrant than navy blue. It's a color that really pops out at you. Ocean blue and Chicago blue both move toward the blue-green spectrum, with Chicago blue containing more complex, darker blue tones.

As you choose each one to have a look and compare with the others, you'll see our recommended coordinating looks. This section suggests the best contrasting and complementing colors for that particular sofa color, in addition to other products that can be added to complete the d├ęcor. These are only suggestions by our design experts, to help spark your creativity and ignite your inner interior designer. To help you make your decision, we offer free fabric samples. This makes it easier to imagine the sofa in your home environment.