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Who says you need bright colors to bring life to your space? Our black and white furniture and décor collection can invigorate almost any room in your apartment or house. You won't have to spend hours or days trying to pick out just the right shade for your next bed, ottoman or bench. Black and white furniture go together with dozens of different color palettes. Both are the perfect neutral base for blues, reds, pastels…or you can go full 1920s movie and make the entire room black and white! After all, ebony and ivory live together on piano keyboards, don't they? (Thank you, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.)

Many people skip right to wondering about the best colors to pair with black and white furniture - but first, you need some magnificent furniture to pair to pair those colors with. Our design experts have selected some of the best apartment furniture to give your home the yin and yang it needs. Choose from black and white platform beds, white sectional sofas, black dressers, black and steel lounge chairs, white coffee tables, Dalmatian benches and other premium furniture that can add calm, boldness or a mix of both. All of our black and white furniture has free nationwide delivery and many products are made in the U.S.

Our black and white apartment furniture can be a centerpiece or accent for your modern theme. Already have a solid-looking space that needs a little extra gusto? Add a black and white table lamp, toss pillow, clock or other décor. Or, you can go full-out and make a room into a canvas with black wall paint or white paint. We say that either is the best paint color to pair with black and white furniture. It just depends on whether you want a more daring or tranquil feel. Contact us anytime to get more decorating ideas for black and white furniture - our expert customer support team is happy to help! Show More