Rosedale Area Rug

Rosedale Area Rug

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Dunbrooke Rug

Dunbrooke Rug

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Comfy, colorful area rugs from Apt2B are an easy way to add warmth and style to any living space, whether large or small. They protect your toes from cold floors, offer a soft covering for playtime and bring vibrancy into any room in your home — even the bathroom. Area rugs are a simple, non-permanent way to personalize a space, which is perfect for apartment dwellers. Match the rug to your decor, or plan an entire room around a particularly breathtaking design.

The Sizes

Our area rugs are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Just click on your favorite to view its size options. Large area rugs are ideal for general floor covering in living rooms and master bedrooms, while smaller rugs work best in entryways or for defining particular sections within your living space. Add a splash of color to the foyer, or something warm and fuzzy just outside the bathroom shower.

The Themes

Besides lots of sizes, we have colors and themes galore. Go bold with a red-and-black chevron rug, or play it safe with solid tones and muted gray, blue or beige prints. Jazz things up with our fun, patterned area rugs inspired by particular cultures, styles or geometric patterns. Seasonal area rugs are popular, with hues of spring flowers or the golden summer sun. Ditch the soulless, machine-sewn apartment hallway rug and opt for something in handwoven wool, like a Hillside Area Rug from the Textures Collection. These beauties are crafted with stunning care by artisan weavers, which gives them that genuine, organic feel.

The Funkiness

Feeling funky? Grab a shag rug and take a trip back in time. Today's shag is designed to be durable and easy-care, offering the fabulous feel of the '70s in an updated package suited to today's busy lifestyle. Our shag area rugs are particularly fabulous for bedrooms and other low-traffic zones. The fibers of these area rugs are firmly attached to the base, so no undue shedding.

For your pleasure and convenience, Apt2B is open 24/7. Browse from the comfort of your own home and have your favorite area rugs quickly shipped right to your door. Regardless of size, we offer free nationwide shipping on every order. What’s more, if your new rug doesn't look as great in your space as you had imagined, we offer hassle-free, no-questions-asked returns.

Why wait? Rugs are one of the simplest ways to give a room a makeover, and at Apt2B, our budget-friendly prices make it easy to instantly become a décor diva.

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