Introducing Hyde: A Better Leather


A New Leather. Just for You.

There's just something about leather that brings out the animal in us. It's sexy, sleek, and adds a certain type of style to a room like nothing else can. We've worked tirelessly to bring an upholstered leather option to our Kyle Schuneman beds and are happy to introduce our brand new material, Hyde! Featuring a handsome modern look, Hyde has all of the style of leather with a huge added benefit: affordability. Not only is it budget-friendly, it is also durable yet soft, and extremely easy to clean. Now you can get that Mad Men look without a mad price. 

We're now offering our Cooper, Carter, Palmer, and Palmer Drive beds in Hyde with 5 rich tones to choose from. See more about each color below:
  • Hickory: brown with red undertones, giving it a beautiful auburn hue. This color goes perfectly with other reddish-brown pieces of furniture or decor.
  • Iron: a true black leather. You can't go wrong with the simplicity of this beautiful color.
  • Rice: creamy white and oh-so-gorgeous. This color will go well in light, bright bedrooms.
  • Molasses: a very deep, espresso-like brown. Almost black, this seductive color can go well with browns and blacks alike.
  • Carob: a chocolatey brown. This is a versatile hue that works well for just about any space.

5 Hyde colors on 4 different Kyle Schuneman beds– that's 20 different options! Which one will you choose? Our suggestion... as many as you can ;)

Be sure to also check out our 31+ fabric colors that we also offer for the Carter, Cooper, Palmer, and Palmer Drive! 

See you later,
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