And the #Apt2Boo Winners Are...


Well, Halloween has come and gone (RIP punny costumes and free candy), but we've got another treat left for you– we're announcing the winners of the #Apt2Boo Halloween Costume Contest TODAY!

It was pretty hard deciding who the grand prizes would go to since we had some great entries, but all three winners were so unique and inventive with their furniture costumes that we just had to choose them! So without further adieu, here they are:

3rd place: $150 Gift Card to Apt2B

Winner: Amelia CHAIRhart, Instagram user @yogurtisevil

Found at long last! The great aviator #AmeliaChairhart. 

She was in my dining room all along.

#apt2boo #apt2b #oxfordmetalchair #freefurnitureplease


2nd Place: $250 gift card to Apt2B

Winner: "Say ahhhhhh!" by Nick M.




FIRST PLACE $500 gift card to Apt2B!!

Winner: Leprechaun Lamp by Instagram User @brandonlepasti

We turned our Arco Floor Lamp into a rainbow pot of gold

for the Apt2B furniture costume contest #apt2boo @apt2b


Congrats to our 3 big Halloween Costume Contest winners! We loved your unique and quirky costumes, especially Brandon's incredible rainbow and pot of gold made from one of our floor lamps! We'll be reaching out to each of you to give you your prize, and everyone else who entered the contest will be receiving a $25 gift card for participating!


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