Introducing Kent Youngstrom to Apt2B


Stunning New Art from Kent Youngstrom.

Nothing can make a room feel complete like a beautiful piece of art hanging on your wall. Sometimes that's all you need for your space– something that makes you feel; something that bubbles up inside of you and takes you to a place you normally don't go. Kent Youngstrom knows this, and that's why he creates gorgeous, unique pieces of art that have playful pops of color, shapes, and textures to make you feel something different. We're so very excited to introduce his work to the Apt2B store

These canvases are proudly made in the USA. They're available in 4 different sizes and are printed on 1.5" gallery wrapped stretch canvas. Check out some of our Kent Youngstrom faves:

Kent says:

Have you ever gotten completely + totally lost?

Maybe in the pages of your all-time favorite book. maybe in your daughter’s tangled hair perhaps in a kiss, or in a vow.

We all want to ‘get lost.’ we crave it. we need it.

And the busier life gets, the more we forget how to do it. i’m a lucky guy, because I’ve found my own way to get lost … every day.

All I have to do is pick up a brush, stop thinking, start feeling … and paint.

Owning a piece of my art probably won’t ‘change your life.' but it might make you pause, breathe, smile and remember to get lost … just a little more often.

Get lost in your own emotions with his gallery wrapped canvases, perfect for any room. 



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