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New Pieces from Art House Maxwell Dickson

Over here at Apt2B, we have some really special relationships with noteworthy designers and creators. I mean, let's be real, we have some of the hottest furniture and home decor out there so of course we're friends with the best of the best ;). One of our favorite art brands is Maxwell Dickson– an amazing store that creates collectible art gallery-worthy pieces with an urban twist, not to mention an all around cool brand. Maxwell Dickson creates their awesome stuff in hip, downtown LA, and have come out with some hot new pieces of art that we just started selling in the store.  

We love the Maxwell Dickson brand so much, in part, because of their versatility– they can create a beautiful portrait just as well as they can paint abstract, vivid pieces. Perfect for a hip downtown loft or a suburban space, Maxwell Dickson's work speaks to just about everybody and can fit in anywhere.

Want a REAL business shark for your office to show just how much of a hustler you are? We got that. Or a wall of bright lipstick kisses to make your pad more playful? We got that too. Or maybe just a colorful abstract piece to make your walls pop– yep, Maxwell Dickson's your brand! 

We're offering all of our Maxwell Dickson canvases in 6 different sizes, from 16" x 20" all the way up to 40" x 60" to give you all the options you need to decorate your space. From smaller yet stylish apartment size sofas, tons of size and color options for our upholstered beds to a variety of size options for wall art, Apt2B's got you covered on all fronts.

Some of our favorite new Maxwell Dickson pieces:









      PINK GUN




Get a canvas or three today before they sell out for being so #dope ;)

What's your favorite Maxwell Dickson piece of the bunch? Let us know in the comments!


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