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Mint + Varnish has been on our radar for a while now. Blogger Valerie knows style well– from her laid-back yet effortlessly chic California personal style to her gorgeous home and creative design, it's pretty safe to say we've have a bit of a style crush on her. That's why we've teamed up with Mint + Varnish to add a little bit of Apt2B flair to her place: our Lexington Apartment Size Sofa!

Here's what Valerie says: I'm a native east coaster, and after living and working in New York City for a couple of years, I decided to switch it up and move to sunny Los Angeles for a new job opportunity. About a year ago I created my home design/ lifestyle site Mint + Varnish, as a clean way for me to gather ideas and share my design aesthetic and what I love. I would describe my overall style as light, airy, minimal, and slightly bohemian. I believe in living a clean and intentional lifestyle, and want to share my home and health tips with people who desire the same. I recently quit my full-time design job to become a full-time freelancer, and put more time and energy into Mint + Varnish––I strongly believe in taking risks and investing in what I'm most passionate about––I'd love for you to join me in the journey! 

Read below for her full write-up of the sofa: At Home with Apt2B

In the past few months we've been feeling a bit cramped in our living room area of the loft, and I've been having lots of thoughts on how to transform the space. To start, we got rid of the huge gray sectional of ours and opted for something much smaller in order to give us that extra breathing room we desired. I loved the soft gray color and the amazing comfort provided by the old couch, and I wanted to maintain those features with the next piece of furniture. It was also important to me that our new couch would be easy to clean and move around. We received all of that in this Lexington Apartment Size Sofa in Stone, from Apt2B. The small, mid-century design does a great job of opening up the loft just like we wanted––making it feel almost like an entirely new place. 

We are still in the beginning stages and in need of a lounge chair, so I haven't figured out exactly where I want the couch to go yet or which pillows to throw on top of it. But I do feel like we've made some really exciting progress and are happy with the new look. 

All photo and content credit to Valerie Wildes of Mint + Varnish


Have as big of a crush on Valerie as we do? Check out Mint + Varnish for more inspiration!


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