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We have a special place in our hearts for bloggers. They’re the stylish, creative tastemakers that we all want to be – (can I have your wardrobe, Color Me Courtney?!). It’s no secret that bloggers covet our brand and love to use our products to bring you fresh ideas and beautiful interior design inspiration. We want to show off all of our current bloggin' BFFs in this post: here’s a list of our favorite bloggers and their favorite Apt2B products!

The Nectar Collective: Melyssa Griffin

Product fave: Monroe Apartment Size Sofa, Color: Mountain Grey

Photo credit: Melyssa Griffin
Melyssa says: "This Apt2B couch was the very first thing I got for my living room. I knew I wanted the room to feel bright and airy, so I opted for a light grey couch to keep things light and modern. It’s really comfy, fits a few people and a dog like a charm, and has cute little mid-century legs that I love. I never thought I liked tufting until I met this couch, but I think we’re going to be real good friends from here on out.”

Mint + Varnish: Valerie Wildes

Product Fave: Lexington Apartment Size Sofa, Color: Stone

Photo credit: Valerie Wildes

Valerie says: "In the past few months we've been feeling a bit cramped in our living room area of the loft, and I've been having lots of thoughts on how to transform the space. To start, we got rid of the huge gray sectional of ours and opted for something much smaller in order to give us that extra breathing room we desired. I loved the soft gray color and the amazing comfort provided by the old couch, and I wanted to maintain those features with the next piece of furniture. It was also important to me that our new couch would be easy to clean and move around. We received all of that in this Lexington Apartment Size Sofa in Stone, from Apt2B. The small, mid-century design does a great job of opening up the loft just like we wanted––making it feel almost like an entirely new place."


Style Within Reach: Caitlyn Kruse 

Product fave: Virigil 2 Piece Sectional 

Photo credit: Caitlyn Kruse

Color Me Courtney: Courtney Quinn

Product fave: Jackson 2 Piece Sectional, Color: Mountain Grey

Photo credit: Courtney Quinn
Courtney says: "No lie, I searched for weeks for the perfect sectional, I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find a good balance of what I wanted, the size a needed for the price I could afford… that is until Apt2B came into my life and saved me."

Primer Magazine: Andrew Snavely

Product fave: Logan Sofa, Color: Mountain Grey

Photo credit: Andrew Snavely

Andrew says: "Apt2B has a whole line of apartment-sized sofas, a concept missing from most other retailers who only offer sofa and loveseat options. This was perhaps my biggest realization after getting the Logan in place in my own living room: My previous couch was waytoo big for the space. The Logan is a full 15 inches shorter, which isn’t missed in terms of seating, but has really opened up the room and allows the space to breathe."


What we've learned?

  • Greys are SO in right now. All of the bloggers love our lighter greys and more subdued colors to fit in with their spaces and make their place pop with bright pillows and accents. But make no mistake about it, bright colors are still big right now too. Check out Apartment Therapy's post about statement sofas with a wide variety of colors.
  • Play to your home's strengths. Apartment size, full-size, sectional: it's all about what works for your space. If you need more room, open it up with one of our apartment-size sofas. Have a bigger space? Go all out with a comfy sectional!
  • Dogs love us. Well...we really knew that all along ;) 

Photo credit: Courtney Quinn


We've got some big partnerships coming up soon, so be on the lookout for more Apt2B collabs!! 

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