10 Small Sofas with Big Style


Have a tiny apartment or house? Maybe just a living room with not too much space? We've got you covered.

Apt2B specializes in apartment size sofas to fit everyone's needs. They come in 2 smaller sizes than their regular sized sofa counterparts to make sure that you'll find the perfect fit, plus you get your choice of 31 colors in each collection. WARNING: you're going to fall in love with at least one of these sofas below. Read with caution ;)


Our top 10 apartment size sofas: 

10. Brentwood Apartment Size Sofa


  • 62"w x 38"d x 30"h
  • 72"w x 38"d x 30"h
Brentwood is famous for O.J. Simpson- yikes... It's also famous for luxury! This collection features crisp accents like a solid espresso wood base and button tufted seat cushions that are built to keep their shape. It also boasts a very cool frame design element and thicker arms that many folks would kill for... too soon?

9. Virgil Apartment Size Sofa


  • 58"w x 38"d x 30"h
  • 68"w x 38"d x 30"h

Equal parts farmhouse modern centerpiece and Kardashian binge watching locale, the Virgil does not disappoint. A clean take on a shabby chic classic, the Virgil features a very cozy rounded edge design that really gives you that warm feeling of home without compromising a bit of style.


8. Fillmore Apartment Size Sofa from Kyle Schuneman


    • 66"w x 39"d x 26.5"h
    • 74"w x 39"d x 26.5"h


The ultimate in sophistication and downtown style, The Fillmore is a hot addition to any room that needs a boost. A full stainless steel base and a nice deep seat make this a sofa you will have for years and the tufting on the seat and back cushions make it a timeless design.


7. Lawson Apartment Size Sofa


  • 59"w x 34"d x 32.5"h
  • 68"w x 34"d x 32.5"h

The Lawson is that perfect mix of old and new; "today's midcentury" we like to call it. Kind of like how good an old dude looks when he puts on that new pink polo- really makes that silver hair pop! Simple modern design coupled with the button tufting, tapered arms and midcentury style solid wood legs, brings the Lawson into the 21st century in retro-tastic style.


6. Harper Apartment Size Sofa from Kyle Schuneman


  • 62"w x 36"d x 30"h (19" Seat Height)
  • 74"w x 36"d x 30"h (19" Seat Height)


If there were ever a sexy sofa it would be this one. Classic lines that will never go out of style and a solid wood base completes this sleek modern look.


5. Coronado Apartment Size Sofa by Kyle Schuneman


  • 58"w x 33"d x 31"h
  • 72"w x 33"d x 31"h

With its unique arms and sleek shape, the Coronado is a great way to add some personality into any space.

4.  Monroe Apartment Size Sofa from Kyle Schuneman


  • 56"w x 34"d x 31"h
  • 68"w x 34"d x 31"h
With a Mad Men-esque silhouette, The Monroe is a perfect way to add a hip factor to any room. The clean lines and simple shape make it perfect for any small space. It packs a big punch without taking up a lot of square footage.


3. Carson Apartment Size Sofa


  • 65"w x 34"d x 32"h
  • 72"w x 34"d x 32"h


All about the base, bout the base... is that still relevant? Maybe not but this hot midcentury style couldn't be more relevant. With flared arms, button tufted back cushioning and a sleek solid pecan wood base, this is one of the hottest looks around!


2. Melrose Apartment Size Sofa


  • 68"w x 39"d x 27"h
  • 80"w x 39"d x 27"h

With stylish wide track arms and a low-rise design, the Melrose Collection will most definitely add a lot to your living room. It's super cozy and made for snuggling. 

1. Logan Apartment Size Sofa from Kyle Schuneman


  • 54"w x 36"d x 33"h
  • 68"w x 36"d x 33"h

Apt2B's sweetheart, The Logan, is our best seller– and for a reason. Add a bit of vintage glamour to your space with this beauty. Sleek wood legs and button tufted back cushions take this modern shape to an elevated level. The ultimate show piece for your stylish room.


What's your favorite of the bunch? Let us know in the comments below!


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