The Doctors + Apt2B: Helping A Burn Survivor to Rebuild Her Life


We typically keep our mood over here at Apt2B light and humorous, but today we're going to get a little serious and tell you about a truly inspirational story that we feel very grateful to be a part of. We love helping others, both as individuals in our personal lives and as a company.  That's why when The Doctors reached out to us and asked us to help a truly special person who's gone through a very hard time, we just had to say yes.

Kilee Brookbank, an Ohio teen, suffered extreme 3rd degree burns all over her body last year from an explosion caused by a gas leak in her home. As she remembers it, she smelled a funny odor and lit a candle to get rid of the smell, which led to a disastrous home explosion. Being the only person in her home at the time with no one to help, Kilee ran through the flames and out of the house safety. When all was said and done, she had over 45% of her body covered in burns. 


As anyone can imagine, the physical and emotional pain of the scarring on Kilees body and losing her hair was incredibly hard for this 16 year old. But despite the odds, she's kept in high spirits and is still the bubbly girl she's always been. Although she's been a trooper and has been recovering well, her family couldn't say the same about their house, which was practically destroyed in the fire. We were glad to help out by surprising her with $4,000 to use in furniture and decor at Apt2B to help refurnish the space and make it feel like home again. 


The Doctors' surprised Kilee again by introducing her to the one and only Justin Bieber. We're all #Beliebers now ;). 


Thank you to The Doctors and Kilee for letting us help! What are some memorable ways you've given back? Let us know in the comments!


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