Want to Win A $4,000 Living Room Makeover?


Are you beach bod ready? Yeah, neither are we.

You might not have gotten yourself sexy for Summer 2015 like you promised you would all those cold, winter months ago, but it isn't too late for your home. We know your place could use more than a little umph these days, so we've partnered up with PaintZen, ZOOM interiors, and Daily Secret to take one room in your house from meh to YOWZA with a full design consult, room painting and furniture makeover worth $4000! We can help liven up the place with some gorgeous mid-century modern sofas, furniture, and home decor, while Shark Tank superstars ZOOM interiors will work with you to design the layout of your space, and the innovative new startup PaintZen will bring it all together with a fresh coat of beautiful paint to make your place sizzle! You'll get everything you need for a beautifully designed room so you can get your sexy living on this summer! Enter the contest here: http://www.apt2b.com/livingroom-makeover


Sexy Living Contest


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