The Best Apps To Help Find Your Next Apartment Or Home


Gaming, buying clothes, and sexting aren't the only things people are doing on their mobile devices anymore. Now millions of renters can find their next apartment or home through some awesome geo-targeted apps available to help vet out where your next rent check is going. The days of Craiglslist aren't over just yet, but these new apps will definitely make one's experience of finding an apartment far less creepy.  These apps are taking away the mystery of what's really behind the walls of those "For Rent" signs. Here are a few of my favorite ones. RadPad  - Not all "Pads" are created equally. That's why RadPad, who is dominating the Los Angeles marketplace was created. This apartment finding app is lauded as "Craigslist meets Instagram".  L.A. is this tech start-ups home turf but they are becoming major apartment hunting pros in almost every major metropolitan city as well. RadPad           Lovely - This S.F. based start-up has dominated the Bay Area for a few years already and now casting their web across the rest of the nation. lovelylogo           Zumper - For apartment hunting on the go Zumper is available for both iPhome and Androids! They also just released Zapp with Experian so you can apply for your next apartment in one click. pink-logo-full-1       TruliaFind homes on the go with this app that specializes in buying and renting homes rather more so than apartments. unnamed

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  • Adam Hanin