Apt2B Collaborates with hot S.F. start-up My Web Room


is a visual platform that helps people organize their online lives in an intuitive and interactive way, through the use of custom virtual webrooms. Users can create a free virtual room and fill their room with branded objects that hold all their favorite websites and applications. The room is the user’s visual profile and allows users to watch movies, listen to music, store documents, shop, multi-task and more from the privacy of an online room. There is also a social networking aspect that allows users to visit each other’s room and collaborate on activities. Room themes and wallpapers range from cityscapes including a Parisian apartment, a San Francisco loft and a Sydney flat to an underwater Aqua room and a jungle-inspired, grass-floored Green room. MyWebRoom is focusing on improving the visualization of the web and changing how websites, e-commerce and other online services interact with users today. We love everything about these guys, I mean the idea was conceived in a dorm room and the founders are from Russia and Puerto Rico! Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez began this project in 2011 when they realized there was a need for an online resource to help organize an overwhelming amount of web resources people use every day. In the process, they learned that rooms can be much more than an organizational resource, because in their opinion, a room is a very intimate place that reveals a lot about a person. The project was started in their Bryant University dorm room where it got the attention of their classmates. For their entire senior year they were working on the prototype, just trying to get the idea functioning on their school laptop screens. There was a lot of excitement as each new feature was introduced. In February 2012, John and Artem decided to take a trip to Silicon Valley and learn about the startup community there. During the four day trip, they established relationships with local investors, who eventually ended up investing in what was turning out to be Rooms Inc. At the end of the school year, in May of 2012, Artem and John packed up their car and began a cross country drive from New York City to San Francisco. Such a great story and Apt2B is thrilled to be a part of their platform and so excited to see how they grow!    

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  • Adam Hanin