Real Advice From Real People On How To Live And Survive In Los Angeles


Los Angeles can be a big, daunting city for the majority of us who are transplants looking to make LA our home. Apt2B is here to help create your own personal space in this vast city and Justin Resarieo is here to tell you how to survive in it! Justin knows the ups and downs of moving to a big city and created I’ with one simple mission: To make Los Angeles a better place to live by empowering the next generation with valuable knowledge and actionable information. I’ features advice and articles from LA based writers, actors, musicians, and other Angelenos helping new arrivals better understand the landscape and social fabric of Los Angeles and giving them the ability to truly thrive in this great city. Whether you're finding the right look and feel for your new pad by stocking up at or checking out the vibe of your new neighborhood by reading up at I’, the city of Los Angeles is yours for the taking. Make sure to keep an eye out for future fun collaborations between I'mMovingtoLA and Apt2B!

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  • Adam Hanin