A Fab Life turns YouTube star Tyler Oakley's apartment into a love den!


If you don't already know Leah & Mary you need to! This darling duo are the girls behind A Fab Life, a lifestyle guide for the glam girl.  Leah & Mary have been featured on The Style Channel, CNN, HGTV, KTLA, Discovery, and Glamour to name a few. We have been fortunate enough to watch their rise to super stardom so when they asked us to help out with their newest project it was a no-brainer!  In their latest YouTube Room Makeover installment they take on the challenge of designing one of YouTube's biggest star, Tyler Oakley's new L.A. apartment!  With a little love from Apt2b watch how the ladies transform Tyler's place from ghetto fabulous to just FABULOUS! Thanks for letting Apt2B be a part of this and Tyler was just AWESOME! Can't get enough of this? Well we don't blame you so check out Tyler as he gives you a personal tour of his L.A. love den!

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  • Adam Hanin