Painting With Pantone's Moroccan Blue


I'm not a big DIYer but a quick spontaneous trip to Lowes this past weekend has put a huge smile on my face this Monday!  I woke up and decided on a whim I was going to paint my bedroom today.  I ran to Lowes and fell in love with Pantone's Moroccan Blue paint color.  I made up my mind in all of two minutes.  I bought a gallon of paint, some supplies and was in and out of there in twenty minutes and I only spent $68 all in! To be honest I thought at best I would bring the paint home and stare at the can for the next six months.  However I called up a friend and he was all into helping out and in less than three hours it was done!  Ok so we only painted two walls, cause that's just the cool thing to do but it was far easier and way more fun than I ever imagined it would be.  We cleared the area, taped up the walls, dropped some plastic on the floor for drips and started painting.

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  • Adam Hanin