This Weekend In LA: Art Discovery, Yarn & Fried Chicken


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Discover the Arts In Los Angeles: History, Culture, Science and More - VariousUntil April 26th

Los Angeles is chock-full of art, but not everyone has had the chance to experience them all.  For the next few weeks, over 40 museums and performance groups are inviting the public to come discover the artistic treasures of Los Angeles.  Deals range from two for one admission, discount tickets and merchandise at the shops.  See the complete list here.  


Yarnover Truck Launch Party - Burbank1 - 4pm

We've seen food and fashion trucks rolling around LA but have you ever seen a yarn truck?  Now you can!  The ladies of Yarnover are debuting the first-ever yarn truck, named "Debbie," at their launch party.  Be the first to see the merchandise Debbie is carrying and meet the local designers and yarn dyers who supply her.  Launch party tickets are $25.  


Dante Fried Chicken Brunch Up @ Daily Dose - 1820 Industrial St, Los Angeles11am - 5pm

DFC is teaming up with Daily Dose Cafe to serve you up his delicious chicken.  For $15, you get organic scrambled eggs, heirloom fingerling potatoes, Dante's Sock-It-To-Me fried chicken, coconut honey biscuits and some fixins'.  To attend the Brunch Up, you'll need to RSVP via their Facebook events page.  Oh, Dante will be premiering his "sous vide" DFC recipe and its BYOB!  

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  • Adam Hanin